Solar House Battery

Save More with an Electric Vehicle and Solar House Battery System

The latest research from the University of South Australia has found that homeowners with solar house battery systems will enjoy bigger savings with an Electric Vehicle (EV). The benefits aren’t unique to Australia. With solar power in New York, you could enjoy bigger savings with your EV and on your home utility bill.

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What Does the Data Say About EVs and Solar house Battery Systems?

EV sales are continuing to increase worldwide. America is one of the largest global markets. With gas prices increasing, an EV can offer you a more affordable and environmentally friendly way to get around.

New York has a highly developed charging network for EVs, but you can usually save more money when charging at home with solar power in New York.

Researchers have found several key truths relating to EVs and solar power.

  • Motorists find it more convenient to charge from home.

  • Reliance on the grid can diminish the value of an EV.

  • A rooftop solar system and a solar house battery significantly increase savings.

The new research points to record-low pricing for rooftop solar panels as a reason to go solar if you own an electric vehicle. The declining cost of panels and solar house battery systems helps to improve the financials.

  • If you own an electric vehicle and usually charge it at home, you’ll import around 20% less energy from the grid if you have solar power in New York.

  • With a solar house battery system, you could import almost 83% less from the grid.

Your panels can charge your battery system during the day, which can then deploy to charge your vehicle in the evenings. It’s estimated that there will be 145 million EVs globally by 2030. That compares to just 11 million in 2022.

New York Power Solutions can provide an efficient and affordable New York solar installation so that you can maximize your savings from both solar and the daily use of an EV.

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  • You’ll get a 25-Year Warranty on your solar panels.

  • Our team will be available 24/7 to support your solar power in New York.

  • We actively monitor your solar installation.

  • You can check usage stats, battery stats, and more from smartphone apps.

  • We use low-penetration racking and flashing to protect your roof.

  • You can finance solar power in New York with no money down.

Solar is one of the best investments you can make in your home. If you have an EV or if you plan to buy one soon, solar power with battery backup will provide ongoing benefits.

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Solar is an investment that can pay for itself within the first eight years of ownership. Make the switch with reliable panels and a solar house battery backup system.