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How Do You Save Money with Rye NY Solar?

The town of Rye NY is a wonderful corner of Westchester County where you’re never too far from New York City, yet you can enjoy a much quieter and more enjoyable pace of life. As a place to live, it’s one of the best in the state. But, like most of the state, the electricity prices are out of control. Rye NY solar can free you from ludicrous utility bills and provide a return on investment over time.

Here’s how you save money with solar and how you can get started with New York Power Solutions.

Savings with Rye NY Solar are Straightforward

Most people understand that solar generates savings. But it’s difficult to put these savings into context until you’ve seen Rye NY solar in action.

It makes the most sense when we break it down into three key areas.

  • The primary way that Rye NY solar saves money is by reducing the amount of electricity that you take from the grid. When your panels are on, they can power your entire home if the conditions outside are good.

  • In New York, you also have the advantage of net metering. Most systems will produce more electricity than you can use during the day. The excess gets exported out to the grid. Your Rye NY solar installation will spin your meter in reverse. So, when you consume electricity from the grid in the evenings, your exports will offset this.

  • Net metering builds credits on your account when you export more than you import in a billing month. These credits accumulate and help to offset the electricity you import during the months of the year when the days are shorter, and there’s less sunlight.

Net metering is key to saving money with a Rye solar installation. New York Power Solutions will organize the installation of a special electricity meter with your utility company. Our reliable solar installation service is trusted by more than 5,000 families and businesses throughout New York.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Solar Installations are More Efficient with Backup Batteries

A solar battery can be integrated with your Rye solar installation. The concept of using a solar battery is quite simple…

  • During the day, solar batteries will store electricity.

  • In the evenings when rates are higher, your batteries will power the electrical systems in your home.

  • If there’s an outage on the grid, your batteries will switch so that you can keep your lights and appliances on.

Solar batteries keep your entire Rye solar installation more efficient. If you own an electric vehicle, it’s more cost-efficient to charge it from your solar battery during the evenings than to import all the electricity from the grid.

New York Power Solutions can design a Rye solar installation based on your unique needs.

The Most Experienced Solar Installers

You will need experienced solar installers in Rye NY to get the best savings. The team at New York Power Solutions understands the unique environmental challenges of Rye home solar.

We provide detailed consultations and on-site inspections. We will provide you with a cost/benefit analysis so that you can evaluate the benefits of solar before you commit to an installation.

When you sign up with New York Power Solutions, you can access the SMART Solar Program. This is our in-house program designed to keep costs low. It has advantages like 24/7 monitoring and technical support, live stats from smart apps, and a 25-Year Warranty on your rooftop solar panels.

There’s no better team in the state when you want to experience solar installers in Rye NY.

Get Your Free Estimate for Rye Home Solar

You can get Rye home solar with no money down and an interest-free period. We can use expected tax credits to reduce the real cost of solar. With the recently introduced 30% federal solar tax credit, there has never been a better time to get Rye home solar.

Start with your free Rye NY solar estimate and see how affordable it can be to switch your home to clean and renewable energy.