Solar Backup System in NY

Is Grid Solar Less Efficient than Rooftop Panels and a Solar Backup System in NY

With State and Federal government agencies pushing for a shift to renewable energy, solar power has been prominent in the news recently. If you’ve been considering solar power in New York with a solar backup system, you’ve probably been drawn to the affordability and efficiency. Solar is an efficient way to power your home, especially when you include a solar backup system in NY. And, because of the way that electricity is distributed, rooftop solar power in New York could even be more efficient than solar that comes down the grid.

Rooftop vs. Grid Solar Power in New York

In theory, grid solar power in New York should be more efficient than solar generated at the home. This is because of economies of scale. Grid-scale solar uses much larger installations that are more cost-effective to install and maintain. Panel placement is highly optimized, and the locations are hand-picked.

But there’s one thing missing in the studies. The efficiency of a grid-scale operation doesn’t take transmission loss into account. Solar power in New York generated at a distant plant doesn’t reach homes without loss. PV Magazine recently published an eye-opening article explaining to consumers why solar panel power plants aren’t as efficient as we think.

According to data from Chint Power Solutions, a global grid-scale company, between 8% and 15% of the electricity that leaves a plant is lost on the way to homes. 4% to 6% of this is lost during transmission.

A New York solar installation utilizes solar panels on your rooftop. Microinverters convert the electricity immediately before it is distributed to your outlets, appliances, and solar backup system in NY. The transmission loss is much smaller.

Rooftop solar doesn’t take the place of large solar plants. Rather, it complements the wider network, helping to make a more efficient grid with fewer carbon emissions. You can feel good about your decision to get a New York solar installation.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

A Solar Backup System Can Improve Cost-Efficiency for a New York Solar Installation

You can save money and enjoy clean electricity with solar power. You can maximize efficiency and savings when you add a solar backup system in NY.

During the day, your New York solar installation will charge your solar backup system and power your home. Any excess energy generated can be exported to the grid. In the evenings, your solar batteries can provide electricity to your home during peak hours. This will protect you from higher rates. You’ll end up importing less energy from your utility company when you combine a New York solar installation with a solar backup system.

Another advantage is that your system will work even if the grid goes down, so you can say goodbye to frequent New York power outages.

Planning Your Installation with New York Power Solutions

The team at New York Power Solutions will evaluate your needs to determine which type of system is best for you. We install rooftop panels and battery systems. We’ll only recommend a backup battery if it makes sense in your scenario.

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  • You can get solar financing with no money down.

Solar is the most efficient way to power your home. It’s also the most affordable. New York Power Solutions is an experienced contractor with more than 5,000 successful installations completed. Get your free solar estimate and enjoy clean and affordable electricity in New York.