Solar Panel Installation

Do You Need to Clean your Solar Panel Installation?

A solar panel installation can give you a clean and affordable way to power your home. And, one of the biggest benefits of solar power in New York, is that there’s almost no maintenance required to keep your system running.

The exception is cleaning for your solar panel installation. Dust, sea salt, pollen, pollution, and other debris can collect on solar panels. As contaminants build up, solar panels become less efficient. Regular cleaning of your solar panel installation will ensure that you continue to enjoy the cost-savings and reliability of your system.

Can Your New York Solar Installation Clean Itself?

You might have heard that your New York solar installation could clean itself. This isn’t quite true…

A New York solar installation could potentially stay clean for years, depending on the pitch of the panels. But in most cases, the pitch won’t be enough for rainwater to naturally clean the panels. At some point, there will be enough accumulation of dust and debris that some professional intervention would be needed.

So, while rainwater can help to keep your New York solar installation clean, it’s not enough on its own to make the system completely maintenance-free.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Can You Use Chemicals to Clean Your Panels for Solar Power in New York?

Some chemical cleaners are used to keep panels efficient. But this depends on the panels, the system, and the specific chemicals being used.

In the news this week, it was announced that ChemiTek, a major supplier of cleaning chemicals in Europe, is now licensed in the United States through a partnership with Sunbrush USA. ChemiTek products are approved by more than half of Tier 1 Solar Panel Manufacturers.

The company’s flagship product, Solar Wash protect, is often used by professionals in the industry to thoroughly clean the surface of solar panels without causing damage.

But should you clean your own panels for solar power in New York? The answer is no. Solar power in New York is a significant investment and there are a lot of variables when it comes to cleaning any panels on your rooftop. The job is best left to professionals for several reasons…

  • It’s safer to have your solar panels cleaned by experts with the right equipment.
  • Professionals can check for damage to your panels while cleaning.
  • Professionals know when and when not to use chemicals.
  • When you get a professional service, you won’t void your solar panel warranty.

You can get solar power in New York from the team at New York Power Solutions. We can arrange for solar panel cleaning so that your system will be protected. Solar panels could require cleaning as often as twice every year, but this depends on your specific location, the design of your system, and the air quality. Some homes only need solar panel cleaning every one or two years.

We can give you advice on a cleaning schedule once we have completed your solar panel installation in New York.

Make the Switch to Solar with New York Power Solutions

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