Residential Solar Companies

Residential Solar Companies See Huge Spike in Demand

It seems you can’t look at the news in 2022 without seeing a headline about solar panels. Solar power in New York and the rest of the nation is in high demand. The sudden spike in consumer interest has been covered extensively in the news, and residential solar companies are seeing increased order volume. New data suggests that a third of American homeowners are now considering a switch to solar. If you want more affordable electricity for your household, solar power in New York is the best way to get it.

Solar Power in New York Can Shield You from Rate Hikes

Residential solar panel companies across America have reported a spike in demand as households grow increasingly concerned about the energy crisis. Recent surveys show that 48% of Americans are “very concerned” about the prices of electricity and gas. 93% are concerned about energy prices and energy security in general.

As a consumer, you have zero control over the price of electricity coming from New York’s grid. But, with solar power in New York, you can get true energy independence.

A New York solar installation will generate electricity during the day, which can typically cover the consumption needs of your home while the sun is shining. And solar power in New York still provides benefits in the evenings when panels shut down.

  • During the daytime, a New York solar installation can produce more electricity than the average home needs. The excess gets exported to the grid. This spins a special Net Meter in reverse. So, any electricity that you consume at night will be offset by this action.
  • Net Metering credits can roll over to the next month, so your solar will offset the times of the year when rooftop electricity production is lower. If you end a billing year with leftover credit, you’ll receive a check from your utility provider.

With the cost of electricity increasing, rooftop solar gives you some much-needed protection from inflation. Even if prices on the grid rise, you’ll pay less to your utility provider because a large portion of your consumption needs will be covered by your panels.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

There’s Going to Be a Rush for New York Solar Installations

With demand increasing, residential solar companies will soon be stretched to capacity. While companies like New York Power Solutions and others are working to keep wait times down, there could reach a point where the demand for solar outstrips the supply of labor and materials.

If you are considering a New York solar installation, now is the time to get started with the project. There’s currently a 30% federal tax credit available on the cost of solar, as well as several state credits and incentives. The sooner you start planning your installation, the sooner you’ll start saving with clean energy at home.

Learn About Potential Solar Savings with New York Power Solutions

Investing in solar power is a big decision and it’s one that you should consider carefully with real data. The best residential solar companies will provide you with detailed estimates and information about how much you could save.

New York Power Solutions provides free ballpark estimates online, using satellite data. If you like the numbers, then we’ll proceed with a consultation to start planning your system. We’ll also provide you with a free energy savings assessment and a cost/benefit analysis. You won’t have to simply guess about the savings you could enjoy with solar. You’ll have the data to make an informed decision.

Choose one of the best residential solar companies in America. New York Power Solutions has installed more than 5,000 systems across New York and is ready to help you save with solar panels on your roof.