Highlands NY Solar Installation Process

5 Easy Steps in the Highlands NY Solar Installation Process

How difficult would it be to install solar at your home? If you want to save money and gain energy independence, this is probably a question that you’ve asked a few times. Thankfully, the Highlands NY solar installation process is quite easy when you work with an experienced team. Our Highlands solar company has installed more than 5,000 systems throughout Orange County and other areas of New York. If you want to begin the Highlands NY solar installation process the easy way, then we’re ready to get started.

Solar Step 1 – Get Your Free Installation Estimate

Everything starts with your free estimate from our experienced Highlands solar company. The initial free estimate is a ballpark figure based on satellite data. We’ll also get started with the consultation process to learn more about your needs and how you want to use home solar.

Solar Step 2 – Your Cost/Benefit Analysis

If you’re happy with the initial estimate, then we’ll continue to schedule a site visit to provide a final estimate along with a detailed cost/benefit analysis.

This is one of the most important parts of the Highlands NY solar installation process. Solar can be an investment that pays returns over time. But for this to happen, you need the right system and an installer that puts your needs first. Our business is made up of dedicated professionals who all share the same goal. We want to help you to save money with reliable clean energy.

Our cost/benefit analysis will help you to determine if the investment in solar is worth it. The analysis will be based on the cost of your system, its size, and your energy usage patterns.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Solar Step 3 – Permits to Install Solar in Highlands NY

Obtaining permits can be complicated and cumbersome if you’ve never been through the process before. Our team has been through this process thousands of times, and we take care of the permits to install solar in Highlands NY. It’s all part of our service.

We are a NYSERDA-Approved solar installer and our engineering team knows exactly what goes into a reliable solar system that is permit-ready. Our experience and attention to detail ensure that there are no setbacks when it comes to obtaining permits to install solar in Highlands NY.

Solar Step 4 – The Installation

Once the permits are taken care of, we’ll schedule the installation for a date that suits you. The installation itself only takes a few hours. In most cases, it will be just a single morning or afternoon of work. We clean up all mess as we go, and we will respect and protect your property.

Once we’re done, you’ll be ready for the welcome meeting with a solar expert.

Solar Step 5 – Solar Welcome Meeting and the SMART Solar Program

Every customer that chooses New York Power Solutions is automatically enrolled in the SMART Solar Program. This program is designed to ensure an excellent experience from installation and then throughout the lifetime of solar panels.

The SMART Solar Program includes active consumption monitoring, ongoing support, and our 25 Year Warranty among other key benefits. If you want to get installed with a solar company that will continue to support you throughout the lifetime of your panels, New York Power Solutions is the best choice.

The most reliable solar installation is one that suits your roof perfectly. We use low-penetration racking and flashing to ensure that your roof is protected and that solar panels are properly secured. We have decades of roofing and solar installation expertise.

Make the Switch to Solar with the Best Highlands Solar Company

New York Power Solutions is a Highlands solar company that you can trust to deliver on the long-term promise of reliable solar panels. Learn about the cost and your potential savings over time with honest advice and data from the best Highlands solar company.

Start with your free NY solar estimate. The Highlands NY solar installation process is made simple and stress-free when you work with our team.