Solar Energy Solar Panels in America

Another Huge Win for Solar Energy Solar Panels in America

Recent years revealed just how fragile the supply chain is for solar energy solar panels. Globalization has led to a complex string of manufacturers all producing individual parts and components, which means that any small disruption can become a big deal. The government saw this as a threat to the national energy sector and has recently started offering tax benefits for new solar energy solar panel factories in the United States. With new developments, we’re now seeing the benefits of this policy.

Korean Manufacturer Will Invest $2.5 Billion in U.S. Solar Energy Solar Panels Plant

There’s a new solar energy solar panels plant being developed in Georgia, with Hanwha QCells announcing this week that it will build a plant around 35 miles north of Atlanta.

The plant will manufacture silicon wafers, solar cells, and silicon ingots. These are key components used in solar energy solar panel manufacturing.

Hanwha QCells also has an existing factory around 75 miles from Atlanta, where it produces solar modules. With the company now diversifying its supply chain in America, it will provide more energy security for the nation, as well as better access to parts as the demand for solar energy grows.

The company’s Georgia factories will produce equipment that ends up on homes around the nation, including the equipment used for New York solar installations.

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Why a Domestic Solar Manufacturing Industry is Important

With increased domestic production of solar panels, global disruptions will be less of a problem for Americans. Factories in America will also create jobs and help to keep scientific and manufacturing talent from moving overseas.

Domestic production will also help to stabilize the price of New York solar installations and installations in other parts of the nation. New tariffs are likely to be introduced on foreign panels in the next five years. Domestic manufacturing will ensure that homeowners like you will still have access to affordable solar power in New York, without shouldering the burden of increased import costs.

New York Power Solutions Uses QCells for Custom New York Solar Installations

The news is particularly welcomed by New York Power Solutions. Hanwha QCells is one of our official supply partners. We use QCells products for custom New York solar installations in cases where standardized systems aren’t ideal. For larger homes and commercial properties, options like Tesla Solar aren’t always the best choice. Hanwha QCells provides a range of reliable products with high efficiency ratings, ensuring a great return on investment for our customers.

Are You Thinking About Getting Solar Power in New York?

If you’re interested in solar power in New York, now is a great time to get started planning your installation. The current tax credits for solar are excellent, especially when considering the 30% credit available on your federal taxes. This credit was made available last year through the Inflation Reduction Act.

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