Solar Panel Company in New York

The Most Trusted Solar Panel Company in New York

If you’re looking to go solar this year, New York Power Solutions is the company that can make it all happen. With more than 5,000 installations completed already, we’re the most trusted solar panel company in New York. Solar is well understood to generate savings, improve reliability, and have a positive environmental impact. With energy rate hikes likely in the coming years, the savings from solar power in New York could get even better.

Rate Hikes Make New York Solar Installation Even More Viable

Down past the State Border in New Jersey, residents have had to endure costly rate hikes in 2023 as the demand for energy increases. The Garden State also uses a lot of natural gas. Gas prices have been approved to increase by 24% for PSE&G customers. If you use gas at home, then you’re vulnerable to hikes too because demand everywhere is increasing. With solar and an efficient electric heat pump, you could dramatically reduce the cost of powering and heating your home.

In New Jersey, the cost of electricity is ranked 14th in the nation. But up here in New York, rates are even worse. Ours are ranked highest in the U.S., excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

Rate hikes are inevitable with the rising cost of electricity production to meet the demands of the grid.

So, if you’re in New York and already looking at some of the highest rates in the nation, a New York solar installation makes a lot of sense. The average family can save upwards of $30,000 over the lifetime of a solar panel system, more than offsetting the initial cost of investment. If you stop using gas and switch to highly efficient modern electric appliances and HVAC, you could potentially save even more.

And, solar isn’t just more affordable, it’s also more reliable. With a solar battery system, you can save more and have protection for when the grid goes down.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Learning About Savings with a Solar Panel Company in New York

The problem for many families thinking about New York solar installation is that the information out there is always based on averages. How much will you save, how much will it cost to get installed, and how long will your system last?

New York Power Solutions takes pride in providing accurate estimates for customers. We have a simple philosophy. We provide the information. You make the choice.

How much could you save with a New York solar installation? With our detailed consultation, you’ll get a cost/benefit analysis so that you can predict the savings over time. This will help you to make the right decision for your home and your finances. We are a solar panel company in New York that will never recommend an installation if the numbers don’t add up.

Choices for Solar Power in New York

You’ll have options when it comes to configuring your system. We are authorized installers of Tesla solar power in New York. We can also develop fully customized installations for homes that fall outside of typical size and energy usage patterns. With a focus on efficiency, we will develop a system that provides you with reliability and the maximum possible savings.

Forget Rate Hikes – Get Your Estimate from New York Power Solutions

Get your free estimate for a New York solar installation. Enjoy our detailed consultation process and get all of the data you need to determine if solar is worth it. We’ve seen in the news recently how much and how suddenly the cost of energy can change. With solar, you’ll have true energy independence. Choose the most trusted solar panel company in New York and get the fairest deal with the job done right the first time.