Solar installers in My Area

Who are the Best Solar installers in My Area?

If you’re looking to get installed with solar power in New York, the first place to start is with a search for solar installers in my area. That search has led you here, the home of New York Power Solutions. We’re a trusted installer of solar power in New York with a dedicated team and more than 5,000 completed projects to date. Solar can save you money, but there are other benefits to enjoy with a New York solar installation. Here are the questions you should ask when you compare solar installers in my area, and the reasons why they matter.

What Panels are Used by Solar Installers in My Area?

Not all solar panels are created equal. For New York solar installations, our team has access to the world’s best solar panels from companies like Q Cells and Tesla. Efficiency and reliability are among the best in the industry.

There’s been a lot of news about more efficient solar panels lately. Just this week, Canadian scientists discovered a new method of producing double-sided solar panels. These new panels will improve efficiency by as much as 35%, while also adding years of durability. In the news last year, we also saw novel materials being used to create solar panels that are longer-lasting and potentially more affordable to produce. The developments in this area are exciting and will help to shape the market in the coming decades.

Even with the technology that we have today, solar panels are highly efficient. If you want the best New York solar installation you can trust that our team will develop the best solutions based on the most reliable technology available right now.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

What Will the Down Payment Cost with Solar Installers in My Area?

Even with some very generous solar incentives in New York, the initial cost of going solar is significant. New York Power Solutions has streamlined the installation process with affordable solar financing.

You can get solar installed with no money down. Financing will be split into two parts. The first loan will be based on expected tax credits. You’ll close the first loan once you receive your federal and state tax credits. Then a second loan will kick in for the remainder of your solar bill. For the second financing period, you’ll get to choose the term duration so that repayments are manageable.

The cost of getting solar power in New York has decreased by as much as 95% since 1990. There has never been a better or more affordable time to get solar. With a no money down solar installation in New York, nothing is stopping you from making the switch.

How Long Does Solar Power in New York Last?

Durability is always an important thing to talk about when you find the best solar installers in my area. At New York Power Solutions, we are partnered with the best solar panel companies in the world. We also follow strict quality control standards for New York solar installations. This results in systems that are reliable and durable.

Solar can last for decades, so you’ll have plenty of time to generate a return on your investment. Our panels come with a 25-Year Warranty but are expected to last up to 30 years or longer in most cases.

Make the Switch to Solar, Starting with a Free Estimate

You’ll never have to guess about the savings when you choose the best solar installers in my area. New York Power Solutions offers free estimates and provides in-depth cost/benefit analysis. You can learn everything you need to know to decide if the switch is worth it. Solar is the best way to power your home and save money for the things that matter most in life.