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A New Bill Makes It Easier to Install New York Solar Panels

There are a lot of reasons to install solar power in New York. Government incentives, excellent savings, and environmental benefits are all reasons that people choose to get solar power in New York. But, if you live in a townhome or any densely populated area, you might have previously run into issues with permitting. In New York City, large buildings require at least six feet of clearance between solar panels and the rooftop. Medium buildings require at least four feet of clearance. A bill recently introduced could change the New York Fire Code to bring these minimum clearances down. If you’re thinking about getting a New York solar panel installation, the new legislation could make it even more affordable.

Lawmakers Eye Changes to Fire Code for New York Solar Panel Installation

New York has ambitious solar goals. New York City and New York State are looking to get more families connected to solar, which would help to reduce carbon emissions significantly. The problem for many residents in New York City is that the current Fire Code makes it costlier to install panels.

Under the rules today, panels need to be offset from the roof with clearance underneath. This means extra costs for stands and framing.

A new bill introduced by City Council Members last week aims to change the regulations. They’ve proposed a new Fire Code in which…

  • Solar panels on large buildings could have New York solar panels installed with just four feet of clearance between the panels and the rooftop.
  • Solar panels on small and medium buildings could have New York solar panels installed with just three feet of clearance.

This would only affect townhomes and multi-unit apartment buildings. Standalone homes already have different rules so panels can be mounted close to the rooftop with low penetration racking and flashing.

Council Members don’t expect to see any strong resistance to the changes, so the new Fire Code could come into effect this year. It will decrease the engineering challenge of installing solar panels, while also reducing the cost.

Going green is relatively affordable today, especially when you can get no money down financing for New York solar panels. With new solar-friendly legislation, it will become even more affordable and convenient to make the switch.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Other Ways the Government Helps with Solar

There are already existing programs in place that help to make solar more accessible for homeowners.

If you’re a New York City resident, you can claim a 20% property tax abatement, claimed in 5% increments over four years.

There’s a state income tax credit available, as well as a NYSERDA direct incentive that is taken off the top of your bill.

In addition, there’s a significant 30% federal income tax credit available when you install your first solar system at your primary home. This is based on your total bill for your New York solar installation, which can include a battery backup system.

The team at New York Power Solutions will help you to determine which incentives are available in your case. We can even apply expected tax credits to an initial interest-free period on your solar financing.

Learn About the Cost of a New York Solar Installation

How much will it cost to switch to solar at your home? You can find out with a free New York City solar estimate. The team at New York Power Solutions has installed more than 5,000 systems, making us one of the most experienced local solar companies.

Get New York solar panels, say goodbye to ridiculous utility bills, and enjoy all of the benefits of renewable energy at your home.