Landfills are Being Repurposed for Solar Panel Installation in NY

Landfills are Being Repurposed for Solar Panel Installation in NY

A New York solar installation is one of the best ways that you can invest in your home and generate savings in the years to come. Home solar is popular because it creates energy independence with a strong return on investment. Solar is also becoming more popular for utility-scale developments. Recently, it has become increasingly common to see landfill properties redeveloped for solar panel installation in NY. This follows the lead of other States where land previously used for waste management is now generating clean energy.

New Landfill Solar Project in New York

A parcel of land is in the process of being reclaimed on Long Island, making New York one of the latest states to convert landfill to solar production.

A development in Suffolk County will see 16,000 solar panels installed over 35 acres of land. The solar facility will feed directly into the utility grid of Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG).

It probably won’t be the last landfill in New York to see a conversion to solar. According to Rocky Mountain Institute, a leading energy research organization, there are up to 10,000 inactive landfills across the United States. If a majority of these are converted for solar panel installation, they could generate enough electricity to power 7.8 million homes.

Reclaiming landfills could be particularly important as much of the land used for solar farms today is repurposed agricultural land. Using landfills instead will help to limit the impact on the farming economy and the national food supply.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

If The Grid Becomes Renewable, Will You Still Need Solar Panel Installation in NY?

Having more renewable energy feeding into the grid is good news for everyone, but utility companies aren’t yet ready to go completely renewable. Change across infrastructure can take years and even decades. But, in your case, you could get a residential solar panel installation in NY and the benefits will be immediate.

Even as renewable energy is added to the grid, it’s still more cost-efficient to have a home solar panel installation in NY.

With solar power in New York, you will enjoy energy independence. Your panels will power your home during the day, and you can export any excess production to spin your meter in reverse. Even when you import electricity at night, solar will still effectively help to offset your bill. You’ll owe less money to the utility company every month, and most solar systems pay through in savings within the first decade.

If you add battery backup to a solar panel installation in NY, the savings can get even better. You could use stored energy at night, and your batteries could even keep your home powered in case there is a grid outage.

Get Real Data Before You Start Your New York Solar Installation

You don’t have to commit to solar power in New York without real data. New York solar installation is a big step and a significant investment. Even with the help of no money down financing from New York Power Solutions, the long-term commitment is significant.

With our team, you’ll get a free solar estimate, a free consultation, and a free cost/benefit analysis. You’ll get all of the data you need to make a decision that is right for your home and your finances.

Get your New York solar installation done right the first time. Just as utility companies are installing large solar farms to cut costs and improve efficiency, you can do the same for your home. Work with the most experienced local team and get solar panel installation in NY that continues to provide benefits in the decades to come.

How Long Does the Installation Take?

When the planning, permitting, and approval are completed, your solar installation will be scheduled depending on weather, technician availability, and equipment availability. We’ll schedule the installation on a day that is convenient for you.

The physical installation can be completed in a single day. We’ll install your solar panels using low-penetration racking and flashing, which helps to secure them without damaging your roof. We can also install critter guards to prevent pests, birds, and other wildlife from nesting under your solar panels.

If you have any concerns or specific requirements for your installation, you can bring these up during the initial consultation. We are detailed and transparent with all our interactions. We have a simple motto as the best solar installers in Fieldston NY…

We provide the information. You make the choice.

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