Our New York Solar Partners are Ranked Among America’s Best

Our New York Solar Partners are Ranked Among America’s Best

At New York Power Solutions, we believe that partnerships are important. Through our partners, we can access the best technologies in the world to deliver systems that are more efficient, more affordable, and longer lasting. If you want the best New York solar installation, you can rely on our team. With rooftop equipment, battery systems, and more, we ensure customer satisfaction for the long term.

Two Solar Partners Ranked in America’s Top 5

We maintain strong relationships with some of the best companies in the solar industry. Our partnerships include brands like Panasonic, Tesla, and LG.

Two of our major solar suppliers and partners were recently ranked among the Top 5 solar power companies in America. In a new report by Energy Sage, both Q Cells and Panasonic had their panels near the top of the list.

  • Q Cells is one of the top solar panel manufacturers operating in America. The company is investing heavily in domestic production to ensure a fully enclosed supply chain from factory to rooftop. Q Cells was recently ranked fourth out of all solar panel manufacturers. Panels from the company are highly efficient, durable, and provide a strong return on investment. Depending on the system design and your unique requirements, Q Cells may be selected for your New York solar installation.
  • Panasonic is another top global manufacturer, producing solar panels and battery systems. This company was ranked third among all solar panel manufacturers operating in America. Panasonic panels have an efficiency rating of 21.7%, a competitive average system price, and come with a long manufacturer warranty.

These aren’t the only solar panel manufacturers that we work with for New York solar installation, but they’re examples of why we are very selective with our partners. If you want the best solutions based on the latest technology and real market data, you can trust that New York Power Solutions will deliver.

We can design custom solutions for solar power in New York, as well as provide standardized systems from partners like Tesla. Whatever your home or business needs, you can be sure that we will offer something that suits your budget as well as your unique energy requirements.

All of our residential New York solar installations are provided with 25 years of warranty coverage to ensure peace of mind and a long return on investment.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Careful Planning for Solar Power in New York

Even with access to the best brands and equipment, it’s our approach to residential solar panel installation that sets our company apart.

Your initial solar estimate is free of charge and we will provide an online estimate based on satellite data, as well as a second free estimate after surveying your home and roof. There’s no obligation to proceed once you have the details.

To ensure that you can make the right decision for solar power in New York, we go beyond just an estimate. We’ll also provide you with a free energy savings evaluation. This will include a detailed cost/benefit report so that you can see how your investment will compare to the savings generated over time.

With full transparency and an abundance of information backed by our advanced planning and modeling, you’ll be able to make a decision that suits your finances as well as your practical needs. We can install solar power in New York with or without battery backup.

Choose a New York solar installer that works with the world’s best solar companies. Our team has completed more than 5,000 system installations as of 2023. Your home can be next. Start with your free solar estimate and let us show you how solar could save you money while bringing energy independence to your home.