New York Solar Incentives - Federal Solar Credits

Solar is Thriving – So Can You with New York Solar Incentives

The solar industry is thriving today. With recent changes to America’s energy policy, manufacturers are bringing their solar operations to America, ensuring that the supply chain is secured for the years to come. If you want great savings with real energy independence, New York Solar incentives can help you to get there.

Learn about the latest developments in solar manufacturing and start planning your home installation with New York Power Solutions.

Hanwha is Bringing More Solar Expertise to America

Georgia is quickly becoming a hotbed of solar panel manufacturing in America. Governor Brian Kemp announced late last week that Hanwha Group would be investing $147 million in a new factory in the state. The factory will produce specialist materials to supply a 3.3 GW solar factory that is being built by Q Cells nearby.

Hanwha Group has registered Hanwha Advanced Materials Georgia, a newly formed company that will produce Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, or EVA, a key material used to produce residential and commercial solar panels. Q Cells is a subsidiary of Hanwha Solutions, which is itself a subsidiary of Hanwha Group.

Confusing business structures aside, it’s excellent news that a large conglomerate is investing so heavily in a multi-level supply chain in America.

Q Cells is a major supplier to New York Power Solutions.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Is it Time to Get Solar Power?

All of this activity in the solar industry is necessary to support the growing demand for residential and commercial solar panels.

Homeowners throughout the U.S. are continuing to install rooftop solar. The benefits are immense. Solar can provide significant savings, even when financing the installation. Solar panels can last up to 30 years (sometimes longer), so the return on investment is long and helps to offset inflation and a rising cost of living. Solar can also make a home more convenient and resilient to the elements. With a solar battery backup system, families can have a solution that is more versatile and able to keep running during grid outages.

If you want to save money with one of the smartest investments you could ever make, solar power in New York is the best way to do it.

New York Solar Incentives

No matter which borough you’re in, New York Solar incentives can dramatically offset the cost of going solar.

  • New York residents can take advantage of a residential property tax abatement program, worth 20% of the cost of installation, distributed over four years.
  • New York Solar incentives also include state incentives like an income tax credit based on the cost of the installation.
  • There’s also a federal tax credit worth 30% of the cost of the installation.

Incentives for a New York solar installation can be applied to no-money-down financing. New York Power Solutions can install solar with an initial interest-free period based on the credits and incentives. You can talk to us to learn more today.

How Much is a New York Solar Installation?

If you’re looking to get solar power in New York, the best place to start is with your free solar estimate. You can join the SMART Solar Program for free, which includes a detailed energy savings evaluation with a cost/benefit report. New York solar installation is made easy with our team.

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