Primary Roof Solar

Is Primary Roof Solar the Only Option for Your New York Solar Installation?

Take a drive around any neighborhood today, and you’ll see that many of the homes have roof solar installed. You’ve probably even noticed this in your own neighborhood. From the homes of Staten Island to the quiet towns along the Hudson Valley, roof solar has become an important way for families to save money and ensure a more sustainable future.

Roof solar typically means that panels are attached to the primary roof of a home, but this isn’t the only solution available. Some homes have adjacent buildings like guest houses, pool houses, garages, or even barns, depending on the property. Could rooftop solar be installed on non-primary structures? Let’s find out…

Solar Power in New York is Installed Where it’s Most Efficient

One of the most important things to realize about solar power in New York is that panel placement is always based on efficiency. So, when you see that panels for some installations are not on the main home, it’s usually because the installer has found a more suitable rooftop that gets more consistent sunlight exposure.

When you get your initial free estimate, it will be based on satellite data. If you like the numbers from your online estimate, a technician will visit your home to check that your roof is ready for New York solar installation. Our technician will use satellite data, physical inspection, and drone technology to identify the best roof on your property for a New York solar installation.

This will likely be on the main home, but it could be on an adjacent building depending on roof orientation, height, and surrounding shade structures.

In any case, our technician will determine which structure is best suited to roof solar and you’ll be kept in the loop throughout the process. Rooftop solar is structurally safe. We use low-penetration racking and flashing to ensure that panels are secured without damaging the roof.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Freestanding Solar Panels

In some commercial applications, freestanding solar panels can be used for installation. These panels are attached to a frame system rather than the rooftop. These can be positioned on a flat roof, or directly on the ground.

When placed on the ground, these panels are usually used for grid-scale installations or large commercial solar farms. Take for example a farm that is currently being developed in the United Kingdom. A farm planned for the town of Sleaford will power up to 190,000 homes, using agricultural land that will serve as a mixed solar farm/grazing property. The UK’s solar output is expected to increase fivefold by 2035.

There are similar farms that have been developed in the United States, at all levels of scale. If you need a commercial solar installation and don’t have a traditional rooftop available for the installation, you can talk to New York Power Solutions for your options.

The Bottom Line – Is Roof Solar Best for New York Solar Installation?

If you’re getting solar for your home, then roof solar is probably the most practical and efficient choice. We’ll base your New York solar installation on our assessment and on-site solar estimate, so the location will always be selected with total system output and your savings in mind.

Want to get started on planning your New York solar installation? The team at New York Power Solutions is here to help. Start with your roof solar estimate and enjoy an end-to-end process with one of the most trusted solar installers in the state.