How Many Solar Panels to Power a House

How Many Solar Panels to Power a House? Your New York Solar Guide

When it comes to installing solar, one of the most important parts of the process is determining how many solar panels to power a house. Each home is unique and has different energy requirements, but there is a standard figure that most installers start with when designing solutions.

New York Power Solutions offers standardized systems like Tesla Solar, as well as customer-engineered solutions using equipment from partners like Panasonic, LG, and Q Cells. Learn how many solar panels to power a house and get your free home solar estimate from our team.

What’s the Average Number of Panels for Solar Installation?

As we mentioned, the average number of panels will depend on the size of the home and the family’s electricity consumption needs.

  • For a 2,000 square foot home, 19 solar panels are typically enough to provide energy during the day and generate a return on investment.
  • For a slightly larger 2,500 square foot home, the average is 24 panels.

You won’t know how many panels you need simply by looking at the size of your home, because your consumption patterns will also determine the right solution for you. With a free home solar estimate from New York Power Solutions, you’ll learn about your energy needs and the savings that are available with solar power.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Why Your Free Home Solar Estimate is Important

Your free estimate is the first step towards getting solar power in New York. The initial estimate will be based on up-to-date satellite data. You can look at the figures, and, if you like them, you can proceed to an on-site visit.

  • The on-site visit will include an assessment of your roof and shade structures that surround your home.
  • Using our software and drone technology, we’ll determine the perfect system size to suit your needs.
  • During the consultation process, you’ll get a detailed energy savings evaluation with a cost/benefit analysis.

The cost/benefit analysis is what sets our company apart from other installers in New York. We’ll put your system into context with the available long-term savings. In this way, you can determine if your investment in solar is worth it.

Most families generate a significant return over time after installing solar power. You deserve to go into the project with as much information as possible. That’s why we use real on-site evaluations to determine how many solar panels you need to provide efficient solar with maximum savings.

Solar is Cheaper with New York Solar Tax Credits and SMART Solar Financing

Solar has become far more affordable in recent years, putting it within reach of the average family in New York. Best of all, you don’t have to pay the entire bill upfront.

We offer SMART solar financing with no deposit and an initial interest-free period. This is based on expected Federal and New York solar tax credits, which can significantly reduce the actual cost of solar.

You can talk to our team to learn about your options for solar financing.

Your Free New York Solar Estimate is Waiting

Learn how many solar panels to power a house, suited to your specific case. Get a free NY solar estimate from the team that has connected more than 5,000 families and businesses already. We’re ready to help you switch to solar with a stress-free process designed to bring savings and energy independence for the years to come.