How Many Watts to Run a House with Solar Batteries?

How Many Watts to Run a House with Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries can add versatility to any solar system. With a battery backup system, you’ll enjoy greater savings as well as redundancy with backup power when the grid goes down. Batteries can add cost to the installation of solar power in New York, but with careful planning, this can be offset over time with savings. New York Power Solutions is the best team to install a solar battery for your family. Want to know how many watts to run a house with a battery? This is the guide for you.

How Many Watts to Run a House? It Depends What You Want…

It’s often frustrating when you ask a question and get the answer: it depends. But when it comes to solar and battery backup, it really does depend.

Every home has unique energy consumption needs. The right system for you will depend on your energy usage, your average bill, and even the size of the solar system on your rooftop.

Solar batteries aren’t rated in simple watts. They’re rated in kWHh, or kilowatts hours. The average home uses around 900 kWh of electricity every month, according to the latest data from the Department of Energy.

A family home with four or five bedrooms will need a battery system of around 9.5 kWh. This would offer an ideal compromise of cost and storage capacity. It will be sufficient to power your home for several hours in the event of an outage.

But your solar battery won’t just switch on during outages. It can also be configured to store electricity during the day and then deploy it in the evenings when grid rates are higher. Using your battery during peak hours will dramatically reduce your bill with the utility company.

You could get an even larger system to reduce your bill further, but efficiency can decrease if you get something too large for your needs. That’s why you should carefully consider your options with a free home solar estimate. The team at New York Power Solutions will look at your home, the potential of solar panels, and the average daily electricity usage. With our expertise, we can recommend a battery system based on maximum savings and efficiency.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

New York Solar Tax Credits Can be Applied to Solar Batteries

If you’re installing a solar system for the first time at your primary home, you can take advantage of state and New York solar tax credits. These can significantly reduce the actual cost of making the switch. Our team can even apply expected tax credits to SMART solar financing. The financing will be split into two terms. The first will be based on expected tax credits and is interest-free.

Tax credits like the 30% federal tax credit for solar will apply to your entire system. So, the whole bill, including the installation of panels and a battery system can apply to the credit.

Solar has never been as affordable as it is today. It’s a great time to make the switch, and our solar consultants are standing by to design a system that saves you money while providing reliability for the years to come.

Talk to the Experts in New York Solar Power

Start with a free home solar estimate from the team at Power Solutions. We have connected more than 5,000 homes in New York. We take care of the process from initial estimate and consultation, right through to installation and long-term maintenance/support.

Solar is one of the best investments you can choose to make in 2023. Talk to us today and find out how many watts to run a house with a solar battery. You’ll get an answer specifically suited to your needs so that you can make the best decision.