Getting the Best Solar Battery for Your Home

Getting the Best Solar Battery for Your Home

While solar panels are an excellent way to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint, adding a solar battery system to your home can provide even more benefits. However, choosing the best solar battery system can be a daunting task. It’s crucial to have a certified solar installer to guide you through the process.

New York Power Solutions is ready to assist with your free home solar estimate and energy savings evaluation. Our team has the experience to ensure that you make an investment that pays off.

What is a Solar Battery?

A solar battery system is a backup power storage device that stores the excess energy produced by your solar panels during the day. This stored energy is then used to power your home during times of high energy demand or when there’s a power outage. Unlike gas generators, batteries are quiet, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

Over time, it can improve the return on investment that you get from rooftop solar in New York.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

The Advantages of Working with New York Power Solutions

It’s essential to work with a certified solar installer who can help you determine the right size, system, and capacity for your home.  New York Power Solutions is one of the most experienced solar installers in the state. We’ve connected more than 5,000 families so far and are ready to get started on your project.

  • Expertise – As veterans of the industry we have the experience and skill to properly size your system, install it, and maintain it over its lifetime. We focus on customer satisfaction and delivering the best savings. We are also able to help with SMART solar financing based on your Federal and New York solar tax credits, so you can get a great deal on solar with affordable repayments.
  • Quality Assurance – We are a NYSERDA Approved solar installer, which is an indicator that we meet the highest standards for customer service as well as technical ability. Our technicians are experienced, we use the best technologies, and we have access to top brands and systems through our solar and battery partners including Tesla, Panasonic, LG, Generac, and others.
  • Peace of Mind – Solar from New York Power Solutions will come with peace of mind, thanks to a 25 Year warranty on your panels, and a solar battery warranty. You can have confidence knowing that your system will continue to provide energy independence and savings in the years to come.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Solar Battery System

With the best solar battery system for your needs, you can enjoy some significant advantages…

  • You’ll have true energy independence with backup power for blackouts and emergencies.
  • Your solar battery will help generate improved savings with a strong return on investment over time.
  • Solar is clean, and adding a battery means that more of your home’s electricity will come from a renewable source.
  • Solar is now more affordable, thanks to our no-money-down SMART solar financing and the generous Federal and New York solar tax credits that are available.
  • Our team will provide a detailed cost/benefit analysis, so you won’t have to make guesses about the benefits and savings available with a solar battery system.

Get a Free Home Solar Estimate

Ready to learn more about renewable energy for your home? Get your free home solar estimate and the best battery system for your unique needs. New York Power Solutions is ready to start with your energy savings evaluation. The future is renewable, and we have the best solutions ready to implement at your home.