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Is Solar Energy Renewable?

With a growing understanding of our impact on the environment, it has become more important to make eco-friendly choices at home. We can make a difference by buying locally, consuming less, and changing the way that we look at energy.

One significant way that you can offset the environmental impact of your home is to switch to solar power in New York. There are some misconceptions about solar. And we’re ready to answer one of the most important questions of all. Is solar energy renewable?

Is Solar Energy Renewable? The Facts on Solar

Solar energy is considered to be a clean and renewable energy resource. While solar energy isn’t technically infinite, in practical terms we have unlimited use of it. The sun is expected to provide energy to the Earth for at least the next five billion years.

The sunlight that reaches the earth is abundant, and it’s necessary for most forms of life. People, plants, and animals all rely on sunlight to live. Solar energy can also be captured by photovoltaic panels and turned into electricity, which is the core principle behind solar power in New York.

Solar energy is renewable in the sense that we don’t need to spend any resources to create it. It is generated naturally in our nearest star and reaches Earth naturally. However, the question of “Is solar energy renewable” usually comes about because the materials used to create solar panels aren’t renewable.

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Are Panels Used for New York Solar Installation Recyclable?

The materials used to create solar panels are non-renewable, but they are abundant. Silicone and aluminum, two of the key materials used for panels, are widely abundant on Earth and production can be sustained for future generations.

When solar panels reach their end of life, they can also be recycled. Our ability to do this is improving all the time. The recycling market can take materials like copper, silver, iron, aluminum, and silicone, to be repurposed in new solar panels and other products. New energy-efficient recycling techniques are being developed for solar cells, and with the wide adoption of solar panels globally, it makes economic sense to improve these techniques in the coming years.

Solar panel recycling isn’t quite where it needs to be, but capacity continues to expand. It is expected that we will be able to effectively recycle most of the materials in old solar panels within the next ten years.

As it stands today, a solar panel can produce 100x more energy than is used during production. So, every solar panel on your roof will have a significant environmental benefit. If this is a major concern for you, then you’ll feel much better about booking your New York solar installation.

Is There a Better Option Than Solar Power in New York?

When it comes to renewable energy, there’s no better option than solar power for your home. Unlike renewables that are transmitted through the grid, rooftop solar has fewer points of conversion and less energy lost in transition. It’s the most efficient way to get power to your home. Choosing to install solar panels will greatly reduce your reliance on the grid, eliminating much of the non-renewable energy that enters your home.

Solar is also long-lasting so it’s more economical. Solar panels last an average of 25 to 30 years. You’ll have a lot of time to regain your return on your investment with additional savings on top. Solar can pay for itself, even when you use financing for your installation. Most households are eligible for several solar tax incentives and credits, including a 30% federal solar tax credit.

Learn More About Solar Power in New York

The team at New York Power Solutions is ready to begin your solar consultation and energy savings evaluation. We’ll provide a cost/benefit report so that you can see if solar is financially viable for your home. Our company is a fully integrated solar installer, so we can take you from the initial estimate and consultation, right through to the installation and long-term support. Our solar panels come with 25 years of warranty coverage for your peace of mind.

Is solar energy renewable? Yes! Solar is a renewable energy resource thanks to the abundant energy of the sun. And, solar panels produce significantly more energy throughout their lifetime than is used to make them. You can have confidence knowing that solar is a choice that benefits the environment while providing practical and financial advantages for your household.