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Ask These Four Questions Before Solar Panel Installation in Dobbs Ferry NY

Finding the best solar panel installers will take you a long way in terms of the quality of service and the reliability of your installation. If you are thinking about getting solar panels in Westchester County, there will be a few key questions that you need to consider before getting started. Here are four of the most important questions you should ask before you book a solar panel installation in Dobbs Ferry NY.

Is My Location Suitable for Solar Panels in Westchester County?

Not every home is suited to solar. At New York Power Solutions we want every customer to enjoy the reliability and the savings of solar panels in Westchester. Because of this, we will never recommend an installation if it doesn’t make financial sense.

Our evaluations are detailed, and we will use satellite data as well as an on-site inspection to make sure that your home is ready for solar, and that the location and rooftop are ideal for generating solar energy. While you could generate solar energy almost anywhere, the location of the home and orientation of the roof will have a significant impact on total energy output. We take care of the details and provide you with clear and accurate information so that you can be sure your system will perform.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Do I Need Permits and Approval for Solar Panel Installation in Dobbs Ferry NY?

Solar panel systems do require permits, no matter where you live. Dobbs Ferry NY is no exception. The good news is that you won’t have to go through the process alone when you choose an experienced solar contractor.

New York Power Solutions will take care of the permits for you. We have an extensive understanding of the regulations and approval requirements throughout our service areas in New York. You won’t need to fill out endless forms. We’ll get all of the information we need from you in the initial consultation and work approval, and then we will secure the permits so that your home is fully compliant.

With this help, the process of getting installed is smoother and completely stress-free.

What is the Expected Return on Investment?

This is a key consideration when getting solar panels in Westchester County. Some companies will only provide vague information about how much you could save with your solar panels. The best installers will offer detailed information with real data to back it up.

That’s exactly what our team does at New York Power Solutions. You won’t just get a free estimate for solar. You’ll also get a free energy savings evaluation and consultation, along with a detailed report outlining the costs and benefits of switching to solar. With our experience and advanced modeling systems, we can predict the savings over time so you can have more context around your decision.

What Kind of Warranty Will I Get with the Best Solar Panel Installers?

The best solar installers will be happy to provide a warranty on your solar panel installation. Panels are expected to last for 25 to 30 years, but this means nothing if your installer isn’t willing to provide the service and support that you need in case something goes wrong.

At New York Power Solutions we offer our customers peace of mind by providing long-term aftercare and a 25-year warranty on solar panels. When you get connected with us, you’ll join the SMART Solar Program for free. This will ensure that your system goes the distance and provides a long return on investment with reliable solar generation through the years.

Your Free Estimate for Solar Panels in Westchester County

When you find the best solar panel installers, you can get answers to these key questions and more. New York Power Solutions is one of the best solar installers in New York. We have connected more than 5,000 customers so far and continue to provide industry-leading service to make solar installation simple.

The first step is learning about the cost of solar panel installation in Dobbs Ferry NY. From there, you’ll get a detailed consultation with a cost/benefit report so that you can evaluate the return on investment. Our team provides all the information that you need so you can make an informed choice.

Get your free solar estimate today and choose the best team for solar panel installation in Dobbs Ferry NY.