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Solar Power Solutions Continue to Support Texas During Heatwave

A New York solar installation can give you more energy independence at home, freeing you from the excessive cost and unreliability of the grid. Solar has been proven to save money and improve reliability. On a large scale, solar can even help to secure the energy independence of entire communities.

The advantages of solar have never been clearer than in the recent heatwave hitting Texas. Solar power solutions have helped to secure the grid and ensure that homes and businesses can keep their lights and appliances on.

Texas Solar Power Solutions Ensure that Demand is Met

Clean energy has helped to keep Texas power grids alive during the ongoing heat wave. With record temperatures, there has been an increased demand for electricity.

On Thursday of last week, new records were achieved for renewables. Solar produced more than 10,700 megawatts of electricity for the grid in Texas. Wind power produced over 7,400 megawatts. This compares well to the 11,357 megawatts produced by coal and lignite plants. In total, renewables supplied 26% of the energy used across the Texas grid on Thursday.

Without renewables, rolling blackouts would have been necessary in Texas. There’s more wind power capacity in Texas than any other state, and solar capacity is second only to California.

It’s not just large-scale grid projects that have helped Texas through the heat wave. Home solar installations can significantly reduce a home’s reliance on the grid, which frees up capacity for commercial buildings and critical infrastructure.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Key Takeaways for Solar Power in New York

This latest news can be used as a case study for New York and other states. It proves that solar can become an essential aspect of a versatile and reliable grid. It also validates the huge investment that governments, businesses, and homeowners have put into solar over the last ten years.

Officials in other states will be watching the situation in Texas closely. Even for homeowners, there are takeaways.

If you are considering solar power in New York, you can keep the following in mind:

  • A New York solar installation could protect you from grid outages. With an optional solar battery, your system will stay functional when the grid goes down.
  • With solar, you’ll rely less on the grid during the day. This helps to reduce your bill while also reducing demand on the grid to ensure energy security in your area.
  • You can get paid for exporting excess solar production to the grid. When your panels produce more than you consume, electricity will flow out from your home. This will spin your meter in reverse.
  • Solar has become more popular in recent years thanks to its affordability. Solar equipment prices have trended downwards, and there are significant solar tax incentives and credits available for homeowners.

You don’t have to wait for the local government to switch to renewable energy. You could install solar at home today and enjoy all the reliability and cost-saving benefits.

New York Power Solutions Can Prepare Your Solar Estimate

You don’t have to make any assumptions about the benefits of solar for your home. You can start with a free online estimate, followed by a detailed consultation with a solar expert. At New York Power Solutions, we provide extensive cost/benefit reports so that you can see the value of solar as it relates to your home and your finances. Contact us to get started with your free solar estimate today and take the first step towards energy security and independence.