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Does Tesla Solar Have an Emergency Battery?

It’s becoming more common to include battery backup systems with solar power in New York. With a battery, solar becomes more reliable, and in many cases, the savings will improve. If you’re thinking about getting Tesla solar in New York, then a solar battery could ensure that you get the most from your system.

The Tesla Powerwall

Tesla’s emergency battery system is known as the Powerwall, and it does more than just provide electricity in an emergency.

Powerwall integrates with solar panels, which recharge the battery during the day. You can use stored energy during peak time in the evenings when your solar panels shut down for the night. Powerwall can further reduce your reliance on the grid, helping to optimize your savings with solar.

As an emergency battery, Powerwall can also provide backup energy. The stored energy can ensure that your lights, key appliances, and selected outlets remain working even if there’s an outage on the grid. Your home will isolate when the grid is offline, so you’ll still have electricity thanks to your solar system.

Standard solar installations shut down when there’s an outage on the grid. A backup system like Tesla Powerwall can protect you from grid outages related to network faults or severe weather events.

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Should You Include a Solar Battery in Your Free Home Solar Estimate?

When you get your free home solar estimate, it’s worth learning about the cost of an emergency backup battery system. Because you can use a battery backup for emergencies and in everyday scenarios, the actual value you get is significant.

You started by asking, “does Tesla solar have an emergency battery?” Now it’s time to consider all the benefits of installing a battery when you get Tesla solar in New York:

  • You’ll enjoy more energy independence with an emergency battery backup system, allowing you to save money on your energy bills with less reliance on your utility company.
  • Your battery system will provide electricity during a power outage. You can choose a system that is sized to suit your home and your unique needs.
  • The energy from your battery backup system will be clean energy generated from the solar panels on your rooftop.

Adding a battery system will increase the cost of your Tesla solar installation, but it can be included in your no-money-down solar financing, and you can apply for Federal and New York solar tax credits.

The affordability of solar and battery backup systems has improved dramatically in recent years. Switching to clean energy is now a realistic option for the average homeowner in New York.

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SMART Solar Financing

Making the switch to solar in New York is easier with SMART solar financing. An initial interest-free period will be based on expected New York solar tax credits. When you receive your credits, you can pay the initial loan in full. In addition to New York credits, there is also a Federal income tax credit worth up to 30% of your total installation cost.

After the initial loan, you’ll switch over to a secondary loan with a term length of your choosing. Interest rates are competitive, ensuring that you get the best deal on solar.

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Does Tesla solar have an emergency battery system for solar? Yes, and you can include one in your solar installation. Find out if a battery backup system is right for you. Get your free home solar estimate from New York Power Solutions today.