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Will You Get a Solar Panel Warranty with Your Installation?

Solar is one of the most worthwhile investments that you can make in your home. Solar can pay for itself through savings and the return on investment can last for decades. If you want to get the most from home solar, you will need to have confidence in knowing that your system will last. Will you get a solar panel warranty when you make the switch? Choose the right installer, and the answer will be yes.

The SMART Solar Program from New York Power Solutions

When you choose New York Power Solutions for your solar installation, the warranty will fall under the SMART Solar Program.

This program is available to all our customers and is provided at no additional cost. It is designed to ensure that solar generates decades of value and convenience.

The program covers:

  • A free Energy Savings Assessment for every installation.
  • Active Monitoring to ensure solar panel efficiency and reliability.
  • Consumption Monitoring for homeowners to monitor their system stats.
  • Low-Penetration Racking and Flashing to protect roofing materials and solar panels.
  • Ongoing Support for solar customers.
  • 25 Years Warranty for solar panels.

You can install solar and have confidence knowing that there will be a team available in case anything goes wrong. We are based in New York and will be available if you need support or have questions after your solar panels have been installed. Our team has completed more than 5,000 residential and commercial installations so far, making us one of the most experienced in New York.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Are Solar Panels Reliable?

Our 25 Year solar panel warranty will ensure that if anything goes wrong with your panels, you will be able to get repairs or replacements. It’s an additional layer of protection so that you can have peace of mind.

Even with such an extensive warranty, solar panel failures are exceedingly rare. Solar panels are based on advanced technologies, but these technologies are elegant and simple in terms of the equipment that’s involved.

Solar works by converting light into electricity. This is achieved when photons in the light interact with the materials in the solar cells. There are no moving parts to solar panels, and while panels can degrade over a long period of time, they don’t require any maintenance outside of cleaning every five or so years.

The elegant design means that warranty claims are rare, but it will still be reassuring to know that you could get assistance if one of your panels fails for some reason.

New York Solar Tax Credits Make Solar More Affordable

The cost of solar panels has declined over time. Solar is also made more affordable thanks to New York solar tax credits and Federal tax credits.

Our team will help you to determine which credits are available in your case. These can be applied to an interest-free period on your solar financing, with no money down. Once you receive your credits, the initial loan is paid in full, and you’ll switch over to standard solar financing with a competitive interest rate.

Even with financing, solar generates a significant return by reducing the amount of electricity that you need to buy from the grid. You can learn more with a free home solar estimate.

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With a solar panel warranty, you’ll know that your system will continue to perform in the years to come. It’s time to learn more about the cost of solar. Get your home solar estimate from New York Power Solutions and see how affordable it is to make the switch.