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Can You Use a Solar Battery to Improve Savings?

It’s becoming increasingly common to see solar batteries combined with solar panels in New York. Battery systems are known to improve reliability and efficiency. It’s also said that adding a solar battery to improve savings is an effective way to maximize the value of clean energy.

At New York Power Solutions, we’ve installed over 5,000 reliable solar systems and we know the true benefits of solar batteries for households and businesses. If you’re wondering about the advantages of adding a battery system, we’re ready to explain.

How to Use a Solar Battery to Improve Savings

The great thing about solar battery storage systems is that you don’t have to go through a complicated programming process to enjoy the benefits that they can provide. Modern systems are smart and can switch functions automatically. If you do need to change settings, this can usually be done through a smartphone app.

The underlying way that you use a solar battery to improve savings is by using time-of-use optimization.

During the daytime, your solar panels will power your home, and the excess will go to a battery system first before the system exports anything to the grid. With time-of-use optimization, the battery can then switch on during the evenings. This is when your solar panels will shut down, and it’s also usually when you’ll consume the most electricity in your home. By having your battery automatically kick in, you’ll rely less on the grid.

The result is higher savings from month to month.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Using a Solar Battery for Emergency Power

There’s more versatility to be had from your solar battery. You could also use it as an emergency power source if the grid goes down.

In a standard solar system without a battery, everything is connected to the grid. So, if the grid has an outage, your solar panels will also shut down. This is done to protect repair technicians as they work on the lines.

When you have a solar battery, your system will isolate from the grid when there’s an outage. You’ll be able to use stored electricity, which is particularly beneficial during the winter and the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

With an expert solar installer like New York Power Solutions, your battery can be configured to function in a way that best supports your needs. Whether you want emergency power, to offset your usage in the evenings, or a combination of both, we can make it happen.

Use SMART Solar Financing for Your Solar Battery

You can use SMART solar financing to get your solar panels and a solar battery. You can even apply tax credits and incentives to the total bill. Credits like the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit apply to all aspects of a photovoltaic system, including the battery.

Financing is available with no money down and an interest-free period based on expected tax credits. After the first part of the loan is paid, you’ll be switched to standard financing with a competitive interest rate.

It’s easier than ever to get a solar battery and solar panels in New York.

Make Sure a Battery is Right for You with a Free Home Solar Estimate

Your free home solar estimate is all you need to find out if a solar battery would work in your home. We provide detailed cost/benefit breakdowns so that you can make an informed decision on your solar system.

Ready to learn more? Contact the team at New York Power Solutions today. Using a solar battery to improve savings could give you even more value out of switching to clean energy at home.