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Gain Energy Independence with a Hastings on Hudson Solar Company

The team at New York Power Solutions has helped more than 5,000 homes and businesses gain their energy independence. With home solar, your family can join them. Solar gives you more control over your finances and your environmental impact. You’ll rely less on the grid while enjoying smaller bills and more reliability. We are the most experienced Hastings on Hudson solar company.

Consider all the ways that a Hastings on Hudson solar installation can benefit you and get your free estimate from our team today.

Tired of Ludicrous Bills? Home Solar Can Help

The most important way you can benefit from a Hastings on Hudson solar installation is with smaller utility bills. Electricity in New York is overpriced. We pay more for our electricity than every other State, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. This is a point of frustration for many homeowners, especially when you consider that the grid can be unreliable with an unacceptable number of interruptions and outages.

If you want a smaller electric utility bill, solar panels will help. During the day, your panels will power your home. If they produce more than you consume, then the excess will be sent out to the grid. You won’t be powering your neighbors for free, because sending power out to the grid will spin your meter in reverse. This works to offset your electricity consumption in the evenings when your panels shut down.

Solar creates significant savings, especially when you add them up over time. With solar panels lasting an average of 25 to 30 years, there will be a strong return on your investment. In most cases, solar panels can pay for themselves with the savings they create. For most families, the pay-through period occurs within the first ten years.

Your solar system will be designed around your unique needs, ensuring that you get the perfect balance of initial cost and long-term savings.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

You Can Forget About Outages with a Hastings on Hudson Solar Company

Solar can also work to address poor reliability on the grid. For this, you can add a solar battery backup system.

With a standard system configuration, solar panels shut down when the grid is out. This is to prevent electricity from flowing back into the grid and causing problems with equipment, or injuries to the teams working on the lines. You can avoid this by adding a solar battery. Your home will be isolated during a power outage, and you can keep your lights and essential outlets running from stored energy.

Solar batteries can also help to improve overall savings. You could harvest and store electricity during the day, and then deploy it in the evenings when your solar panels shut down. This is particularly useful if your utility company uses time-of-day billing where the rates are higher in the evenings.

With the best solar installers in Hastings on Hudson, your battery will be configured to suit your unique needs. You can include a solar battery with your installation, and you can even apply solar tax credits to the total cost of the system.

With our competitive rates and no money down solar financing, it’s easy to get the perfect solar system suited to your unique needs.

Begin the Consultation Process with the Best Solar Installers in Hastings on Hudson

Our team is ready to provide your free solar estimate and consultation. We don’t just stop at an estimate, we’ll also provide a cost/benefit analysis so that you can see how your investment in solar will provide returns over time.

At New York Power Solutions, we provide the information, and you make the choice. We’ll only recommend solar when it makes sense for your home.

Get started with the most reliable Hastings on Hudson solar company and enjoy a turnkey process that makes the transition stress-free. With high electricity rates and rising inflation, an investment in solar could be the smartest thing you do for your family.