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Do You Need to Replace Your Roof Before You Install Solar in Walden NY?

Your home in Orange County NY could become more efficient with solar, saving you thousands over the lifetime of rooftop solar panels. Rooftop panels are suitable for most homes, and the average family will find that systems are accessible thanks to affordable financing for solar.

If you want to install solar in Walden NY but have questions about your rooftop, we can help. New York Power Solutions has extensive experience with more than 5,000 installations completed and the best technicians in the industry.

Roof Tips – Before You Call a Walden Solar Company

There are a few things that you can consider before you get ready to call a Walden solar company.

  • Is your roof near its age of replacement?
  • Is your roof damaged?
  • Is there another structure (aside from your home) where you want to install solar?

Solar panels last for an average of 25 to 30 years, which is right in line with a lot of the most commonly used roofing materials. For this reason, it’s recommended that if your roof is within five years of its replacement age, you do it at the same time as installing solar. This will make the whole project simpler, and it will eliminate the need to remove your panels for roof replacement in a few years.

If your roof is damaged, repairs might be needed before solar panels can be installed. At New York Power Solutions, we have decades of experience in the roofing industry. We can perform repairs on damaged sections of your roof, to ensure that solar panels will be safe and stable. We use low penetration racking and flashing which ensures the stability of solar panels while also protecting your roof from damage.

If you’re like many families, you might not have considered how solar doesn’t always have to go on the primary roof. A garage, carport, or pool house/guest house might be ideal for solar panel installation. If you have other structures around your property you can talk to our team to determine the best location for solar panels. We can install solar in Walden NY on most roof surfaces, and in some cases, solar can also be mounted to freestanding frames on the ground. Talk to us about your unique needs and we’ll design a solution that works.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Extra Features to Protect Your Roof and Panels

If you’re worried about pests, our team can install critter guards around your solar panels. These guards work similarly to leaf guards. They prevent birds and critters from getting underneath solar panels and nesting. This ensures safety for wildlife while also preventing damage to your panels and the roofing surface.

Financing for Solar

You can install solar in Walden NY without putting any money down. Financing for solar is available with an interest-free period. The first loan will be based on expected tax credits. The second loan will be set with a competitive interest rate, and you can choose the term length so that repayments suit your financial situation.

New York Power Solutions provides a range of easy financing options so that you can make the switch without breaking the bank. With the right repayment structure, you could start saving money immediately.

Your Free Home Solar Estimate in Walden NY

Choose the most experienced team to install solar in Walden NY. You can contact us for your free home solar estimate, and we’ll start the process with a ballpark estimate, energy savings evaluation, and detailed consultation. When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll schedule a detailed site inspection to prepare a final quote. We can provide you with a cost/benefit report as part of the service, which will help you to look at your investment in the context of savings over time.

Solar can be a fantastic investment that continues to provide savings for decades to come. Find out if solar is right for you and talk to the experts at New York Power Solutions. Install solar in Walden NY the right way by choosing an experienced local team.