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Another Major Commercial Solar Company is Building a U.S. Factory

America’s solar market is continuing to expand. News has emerged this week, confirming that another major commercial solar company is bringing its manufacturing operations to the U.S.

Maxeon, a Singaporean solar panel manufacturer, will invest more than $1 billion to develop a solar panel plant in New Mexico. This will give the company better access to the growing U.S. market while also creating new jobs and helping to secure America’s clean energy future.

Thousands of New Jobs in the Solar Industry

Maxeon is a commercial solar company that develops panels used for residential and commercial rooftops. Its new facility will cost more than $1 billion and will generate more than 1,800 jobs. Maxeon will fund the facility partially through a Department of Energy loan program. This program was designed to attract new manufacturers to America, and it seems to be working so far.

Maxeon isn’t the only company that is expanding into the U.S. market. Q Cells (a supplier to New York Power Solutions) is another major manufacturer that is investing billions into its U.S. manufacturing facilities.

There are a few reasons for the rapid expansion of U.S. manufacturing…

  • Solar panel tariffs have made it more expensive to import panels. These tariffs were designed to give the domestic market a chance to catch up.
  • Manufacturers recognize that it’s more efficient to produce panels domestically. America boasts the world’s largest economy and the potential for solar is huge.
  • There are significant tax benefits and incentive programs for solar manufacturers, making now the perfect time to start building factories in America.

Having more domestic manufacturing facilities can be a huge benefit to consumers. More availability could help to keep prices competitive in the coming years. Supply chain issues will also be prevented. In the past, America has been heavily affected by external factors that negatively influence the price of solar panels. Bringing manufacturing closer to consumers should help to prevent this.

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