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5 Step New York Solar Checklist – Are You Ready for Solar at Home?

With an increased focus on sustainability and clean energy, solar power has become popular for homes in New York. Investing in solar can contribute to a brighter future by protecting our environment. There will also be direct benefits for your household, like savings on your energy bills. If you’re considering making the switch to solar, a free home solar estimate can help to bring everything into context. This New York solar checklist will help you to get started.

1- Assess Your Home Energy Needs

To make the right decision on solar you need to understand your current energy usage patterns. This is the first step on your New York solar checklist. Look at your bills over the last year to gain an understanding of how you use electricity, when peak usage occurs, and how the seasons can affect your bill. By understanding your consumption patterns, you’ll be able to better understand how solar can help.

Even before you switch to solar, you could save money by making changes in your home. Examples include improving the insulation, upgrading your appliances to more energy-efficient models, and using smart home technologies so you can monitor appliances, lighting, and outlets.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

2- Get Your Free Home Solar Estimate

A free estimate for solar will give you a ballpark idea of the cost of installation. Initial estimates use satellite data and are usually accurate to +/- 20% of the final quote.

The initial estimate will get the ball rolling on the consultation process. New York Power Solutions offers free estimates online, followed by a detailed consultation and on-site estimate. We’ll provide all the information that you need to determine if solar is worth it in your case.

3- Ask About Incentives and Tax Credits

There are government incentives and credits available for your solar installation. When you work with a trusted solar installer, you’ll get help determining which credits and incentives are available in your situation.

Examples can include…

  • State tax credits.
  • Property tax credits (in New York City).
  • Federal tax credits.
  • Direct incentives that come off the top of your bill.

The solar incentives and credits can significantly offset the total amount that you end up paying for solar.

4- Get No Money Down Solar Financing

Solar is an investment that can pay off, but the initial cost can still be significant. That’s why most families choose to get no money down solar financing.

Ask your installer about the financing options in your case. Our team can provide no money down solar financing, with an interest-free term based on expected tax credits. The interest-free term is then followed by a standard loan with an interest rate that’s competitive with the wider industry.

Solar should save you money and it should also be accessible. Easy financing means that the average household can now install solar with manageable repayments over time.

5- Schedule the Installation

You can schedule the installation for a day and time that’s convenient for you. With the team at New York Power Solutions, the physical installation takes a few hours, usually less than half a day. We are your local solar experts and we’ll help you through your New York solar checklist at every step.

New York solar can provide decades of savings. Make an investment in your home that will ensure lasting savings over time. Get your free estimate today and enjoy the easy process designed by the team at NY Power Solutions.