Add a Solar Battery

Can You Add a Solar Battery to an Existing Solar System?

Solar batteries are becoming more common for homeowners installing their first solar system. When adding a solar battery, it’s possible to improve overall savings and reliability. If you already have solar power at home but don’t have a battery system, you might be left wondering if it’s too late to add energy storage. The good news is that you can add a solar battery to an existing system and enjoy all the inherent benefits.

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No More Blackouts When You Add a Solar Battery

One of the most significant advantages of adding a solar backup battery to your system is that you will be able to protect your home from outages. A solar battery will harvest electricity from your panels during the daytime. If there’s an outage on the grid, your home will be isolated, and your battery will power essential circuits. You can choose the circuits that will receive backup power, according to your unique needs. Many families choose to back up essentials like lighting and main kitchen appliances.

This can be a great advantage in areas of New York where the grid is older and outdated. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that there’s a backup solution available during the winter and the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

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You Could Save More Money Today

Adding a battery backup system to your existing solar system could also improve the savings that you enjoy from month to month.

With solar, much of your daytime electricity needs will be covered by your panels. But, in the evenings when demand is higher, you’ll still pay for the electricity that you import from the grid. With a battery, you could store solar energy to deploy at night when your panels turn off. This will help to further reduce your electric utility bill so that you can get the most value from your investment in solar. If your utility provider uses time-of-day rates, then your battery could be configured to start deploying electricity at peak times. This will ensure maximum savings.

Is it Difficult to Retrofit a Solar Battery Backup System?

A qualified solar installer can retrofit a backup battery to your system and the work will take less than a day. There will be a temporary interruption to your service while this happens. The work requires skill but it’s something that solar technicians are specifically trained for.

The team at New York Power Solutions can install a battery system suited to your home, including Tesla Powerwall.

SMART Solar Financing for Backup Systems

If you need SMART solar financing for a battery backup system, we can help you get this through our financing partner. The financing structure will depend on your unique situation. Some tax credits and incentives may apply, depending on the type of system you need and whether you’ve claimed any state or federal benefits in the past.

Talk to us and we’ll help you to understand the cost, the benefits, and any incentives that apply in your case.

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