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New Survey Shows Solar Power Panels More Popular Than Ever

If you’ve noticed the solar power panels going up around New York, you’ve probably already got an idea of just how popular renewable energy is becoming. There has been a significant social shift in recent years with more people seeing benefits in clean energy. Solar power is also benefitted by the fact that it’s more economical than buying electricity from the grid. Over the weekend, details of a major survey emerged, showing that solar is more popular than ever. Let’s look at the data and what it might mean for the industry in the future.

Two-Thirds of the World Favor Solar Power

In a global surgery conducted by Glocalities, more than 21,000 people across 21 countries answered questions about their preference for fuels used for energy generation. The survey found that two-thirds of the population favor solar energy. This was more than five times the amount of people who supported fossil fuels like coal and oil.

Survey participants came from countries including the United States, South Korea, Australia, China, and Italy. The results are consistent with other large surveys that have been performed this year. A European survey taken between May and June found that an overwhelming majority, 85%, want governments to invest massively in renewable energy sources like solar power and wind power.

The data is important because it shows that there are shifting public attitudes. People are now more conscious of how energy is generated. They are also aware that having more control over energy production is important. Global energy prices increased in 2022, especially after Russia invaded Ukraine. Global oil and gas prices increased, which hit Americans hard both in electricity prices and fuel prices at the pump. When looking at just the United States, 58% of people favor solar as an energy source, with just 24% supporting fossil fuels.

These opinions will shape government policies and investments in the years moving forward. If you’re one of the billions of people who want more affordable energy, then you could consider installing solar power in New York. The use of solar power panels on your rooftop will decrease your utility bill while generating an impressive return on investment over time.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

New York Solar Installation is Available with Tax Credits and Incentives

Now is a great time to start planning the switch to solar power in New York. The state and federal governments both provide tax credits for solar installation. The federal incentive is particularly valuable. It provides a 30% tax credit based on the cost of your installation. We can use your expected credits to calculate an interest-free period on your solar financing, and you can get installed with no money down.

A New York solar installation will provide long-term value for your family. Solar power panels will energize your home during the day. Excess energy will be sent to the grid to spin your meter in reverse. You will see your bills shrink from the very first month.

Over time, the savings generated by your solar panels will more than cover the cost of the installation. Panels last an average of 25 to 30 years and you will have peace of mind with a 25 Year Warranty from New York Power Solutions.

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