Grid-tied solar

What is Grid-Tied Solar?

When considering solar for your family home, grid-tied solar will be the best option for your needs. Unlike off-grid solar, a grid-tied system uses clean energy during daylight hours and then takes energy from the grid in the evenings. This is the ideal compromise for a family home because off-grid systems typically can’t produce enough energy to power a home throughout the evenings and on overcast or stormy days.

Learn about the advantages of solar, and how your system could help to offset your energy usage even when the sun goes down.

Maximizing Your Savings with Grid-Tied Solar

The best way to describe grid-tied solar is as a hybrid system. It combines the savings of clean solar energy with necessary grid energy when solar panels shut down for the day. By combining both, you can get maximum savings.

  • During daylight hours your solar panels will generate electricity from sunlight. This will directly power your outlets, lighting, and appliances.
  • In the evenings, your home will switch over to electricity from the grid.

Even though you’ll still buy electricity from the grid, solar can help you to save money even at night. This is thanks to Net Metering. With Net Metering, the solar energy you don’t use will be exported to the grid. This will spin your meter in reverse on days when your panels produce more electricity than you can consume. This then offsets the electricity that you take from the grid in the evenings.

You could make things even more efficient with improved savings by installing a solar battery system. This will store electricity during the day so that you can use it in the evenings before taking electricity from the grid. In effect, you’ll buy less electricity from the utility company.

Your system will need to be carefully balanced so that the cost, energy output, and savings are all suited to your needs. You’ll have a detailed consultation with New York Power Solutions, so your system will be appropriate for your specific situation.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Comparing the Costs and Benefits with New York Power Solutions

We make getting solar easy by providing detailed consultations with the most efficient system designs and engineering. This is all provided under our SMART Solar Program.

In addition to a free home solar estimate, you’ll be given an in-depth cost/benefit comparison. This will analyze your investment in solar relative to the value and savings that can be generated over time. With this information, you’ll be able to make a decision that creates long-term benefits.

Switching to solar can be one of the best investments that you’ll ever make in your home. We provide all of the information upfront so that you can feel good about your decision in the years to come.

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Solar is the best way to switch to clean energy. You’ll love the savings that come with the panels on your rooftop. You can add more savings and even blackout protection with a battery backup system. With our team, you’ll get the right solution that is suited to your needs and your budget. We offer SMART solar financing so you can even get grid-tied solar with no money down and an interest-free period.

We’ll help you to determine which tax credits and incentives are available to make the investment more affordable. Get your free home solar estimate now and enjoy the detailed approach and excellent results provided by New York Power Solutions.