NY Solar

NY Solar is Part of a Rapid Change in the Electricity Market

A New York solar installation could give you energy independence with cheaper electricity and savings that last for decades. Homeowners throughout the state have invested in solar power, benefiting from the savings and reliability that are available when adding a battery backup system. NY solar could be perfect for your home, and it seems that people all around the world have come to a similar conclusion.

According to the latest data, solar and wind power are the only two forms of power generation that are growing globally.

New Study Shows That Renewables Are in High Demand

Late last week, a study released by the think-tank “Ember” found that renewables are driving demand in the energy market. According to the study, at least 50 countries hit new monthly generation records for solar in the first half of this year. Overall, the use of solar grew by 16% across 78 countries that were involved in the study. In contrast, coal power has been declining steeply, with the demand down by more than 20% in some nations. The demand for wind power is growing but not at the same rate as solar.

According to the think-tank, the world is nearing peak energy emissions, and should soon see a steep downward curve as more nations transition towards clean energy. European emissions were down 17% in the first half of this year, and U.S. emissions were down by 8%.

As more families transition to solar and as more utility projects are completed, the slowdown of emissions in the U.S. could be significant.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

You Can Have Clean Energy with NY Solar

The environmental aspect isn’t the primary reason to switch to solar, but it’s still important. If you want an eco-friendly home, it also needs to be affordable. In practical terms, we can only be as eco-friendly as we can afford to be. Thankfully, solar power in New York is affordable. More than that, it will pay for itself in the long term.

NY solar pays for itself within the first ten years in most cases. This means that the savings generated by the system will equal the installation cost in that time. It won’t end there. Solar panels can last up to three decades. Once the system has paid for itself, the savings after that are yours to enjoy. The return on investment from a New York solar installation is significant, even when using solar financing to pay for the system.

This is thanks to the fact that modern systems are highly efficient. Government incentives also help. There is a range of tax credits and direct incentives that dramatically cut the real cost of switching to solar. You can learn more about the ones that apply in your case by starting with your free solar estimate today.

Your Free New York Solar Installation Estimate

How much will it cost to switch to solar? While we could throw some average numbers around, the reality is that each home is different. You can get a free ballpark estimate using satellite data. From there, we’ll get started on the consultation process and will schedule an on-site evaluation and estimate. You’ll get the final estimate and a cost/benefit analysis so you can decide if solar is worth it.

No pushy tactics, just clear information upfront so that you can make the best decision for your home. New York Power Solutions has been trusted to install more than 5,000 systems in the state so far. Get your free solar estimate today and see why so many families are choosing NY solar panels.