Solar Panels for Homes

Thinking About Solar Panels for Home? Solar is Becoming the World’s Energy Source

If you think back a generation ago, or even ten years ago, solar panels for homes were almost niche. There was traction in the market but rooftop solar power in New York wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today. Now, it’s hard not to notice the sleek panels on every other rooftop.

Solar power in New York has become common. It’s not just here. Around the world, solar power has reached a tipping point. Scientists now predict that solar will be the world’s most utilized energy source by 2050.

Clean Energy Will Dominate

Think about all the reasons why solar makes sense for homes, and these can be scaled up and applied to large projects that affect national grids.

  • Solar is the more affordable way to produce electricity. After the initial investment, solar maintenance costs are low, and this helps to improve the overall return on investment.
  • Solar saves significant amounts of money. For homeowners, it reduces reliance on the grid to create significant monthly savings. For grid suppliers, solar is usually more cost-efficient than other generation methods like coal, fuel oil, hydro, and gas.
  • Solar is the more environmentally friendly option. Traditional methods of electricity generation are highly destructive and harmful to the environment. Over 25 years of lifetime, solar panels produce more than 100x the energy needed to make them.

New research from the University College of London and the University of Exter has found that solar energy is quickly becoming the dominant energy source globally. A recent study has found that solar will dominate by 2050, providing more than half of the world’s energy demands. Researchers believe that this will occur even without the intervention of economic or climate-friendly policies from governments.

Researchers cite some key areas contributing to the global rise of solar.

  • Financing is now more readily available for homeowners and for large-scale developers.
  • Supply chains are rapidly expanding, especially in Asia and the United States.
  • Political resistance to clean energy is declining rapidly.
  • Grid resilience has become stronger, thanks to battery storage and diversified renewable energy sources.

These points are interesting because they can be applied to residential solar almost as much as they can be to global solar at a high level. Today, you can get affordable financing for solar panels for homes. You can increase the resilience of your system by installing a solar battery system. Also, a lack of political resistance has contributed to some impressive solar incentives and tax benefits in the United States.

In short, solar is rising rapidly, and there has never been a better time to switch over.

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