Solar Electric Power

Another Solar Electric Power Factory is Being Built in America

The United States is seeing a rapid expansion of its solar manufacturing capabilities in 2023. After relying on solar panel imports for decades, new regulations and tax incentives are attracting some of the world’s largest solar companies. Canadian Solar is the latest, announcing this week that it will spend $800 million on a new photovoltaic cell facility in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The plant will eventually be able to produce cells for up to 20,000 solar modules per day. Solar electric power is currently driving the energy market forward. By 2050, solar is expected to be the dominant global energy source.

New factories in America will ultimately benefit consumers, so even in New York, these kinds of stories can impact us.

Why’s It Important to Have Solar Electric Power Manufacturing in the U.S?

Most of the solar panels in America today have been imported. Factories in countries like China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand are highly developed and build affordable solar panels suited to the U.S. market.

While this has been good for consumers so far, it ultimately creates risk in the industry. With manufacturing controlled offshore, Americans have no control over the prices, supply chain, or even the technology used for solar panels. Importing all the equipment also means that there’s a smaller benefit to the domestic economy.

With more solar electric power manufacturing now coming to America, there are significant long-term benefits…

  • Solar panel prices will stabilize and become competitive with the international market.
  • Supply chains will be secured and more reliable.
  • The solar industry will create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the coming years.
  • A stronger domestic industry will mean more innovation and competition, ultimately benefiting the consumer with panels that are more efficient and affordable.

Solar panels are more efficient today than ever before. They’re also more affordable than at any time in history. By building a bigger network of manufacturers in America it will be easier to keep prices affordable for Americans, with no risk of foreign price controls, tariffs, and international shipping costs affecting the market.

Ultimately, the entire industry right down to the individual household can benefit. America’s rapid expansion in the solar industry is one of the most important aspects of long-term energy security.

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Are You Energy Independent?

You’re missing out on energy independence if you’re still buying all your electricity from your utility company.

Electricity prices in New York are some of the highest in America. Solar power in New York lets you generate a significant portion of your daily energy needs from off the grid. You’ll have smaller utility bills and will generate a strong return on investment from solar panels.

Solar power in New York is one of the most important home improvements you can perform.

Learning More About New York Solar Installation

Switching to solar is a big decision. It’s easier when you have data that shows what solar will do for you.

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