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Your Power Meter Will Spin in Reverse with Solar Power in New York

One of the most unique benefits of going solar is that you can share your electricity with the grid. With Net Metering, your power meter will spin in reverse on sunny days. This is a key aspect of home solar, and it will contribute significantly to the savings that you enjoy over the lifetime of your system.

Why do solar power meters spin in reverse? Let’s see how it works and prepare for your free home solar estimate in New York.

Send Solar Energy Out to the Grid

The key concept behind home solar is that you can reduce the amount of electricity that you buy from the grid. During the day when the sun is shining, your home will get most or all of its energy needs from solar panels. On good days, your panels will produce more electricity than you can use. This isn’t wasted. The excess needs to go somewhere, so it gets sent out to the grid. This is what spins your power meter in reverse.

Just as your meter spins forward when you take electricity from the grid, it will spin in reverse when you send electricity out.

Electricity rates in New York are some of the highest in America. Utility companies don’t do us any favors. We pay down to the cent for all the electricity we use. With solar, that concept goes both ways. When you give electricity to the grid, your meter will run in reverse. It’s beneficial for a few reasons.

  • Exporting electricity and spinning your power meter in reverse will help to cover the electricity that you buy from the utility company. You’ll still use the grid in the evenings or on days when solar panels are less efficient.
  • It balances out the benefits of solar. Without Net Metering, solar would take a longer time to provide a return on investment.
  • If you end the month with more electricity going out than coming in, this will carry over to the next billing month.
  • If you end the year with a surplus, your utility company will pay you for the difference.

It’s hard to imagine a utility company giving homeowners money, but that’s what happens with solar, reverse power meters, and Net Metering in New York.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Get a Free Home Solar Estimate and See How Much You Could Save

Solar pays off for most families. You can get accurate information before you make the switch. New York Power Solutions provides a free home solar estimate based on satellite data, but that’s only the start.

We’ll take you through a consultation with an energy savings evaluation and will provide a cost/benefit report. You’ll know how much you could save with solar before you sign anything. We want you to be happy about your decision to switch to solar. Our transparent consultations and detailed reports have made us one of New York’s favorite solar installers.

You Can Get Connected with SMART Solar Financing

With the price of solar continuing to decline, it has become more accessible for the average family. Solar panels are more efficient today, so the return on investment is better than ever.

SMART solar financing is available with no money down. We even offer an interest-free period based on your incoming Federal and New York solar tax credits.

Learn if solar is right for you and see how panels on your roof and a power meter that spins in reverse can result in significant savings over 25 years. Solar is one of the most valuable and long-lasting investments available today. Talk to New York Power Solutions to get started with your free solar estimate and consultation.