How the Latest Technology Could Affect the Cost of Solar

The cost of solar has steadily decreased in recent years, relative to the energy generated. Things could get even better soon as new technologies come to market. An exciting new development could create massive efficiency improvements,

Solar Power Helped Texas Through a Recent Arctic Blast

Solar power in New York is widely utilized commercially and for homes, but much of the grid still relies on fuel oil and other non-renewable sources. Despite generous state and federal incentives, New York lags behind some other large states in terms of total solar utilization.

How Do You Get No Money Down Solar in Sleepy Hollow?

When you want to get solar power in Sleepy Hollow, the cost is one of the major deciding factors. The cost of a home solar installation in Sleepy Hollow has come down in recent years, but it’s still a significant investment that should be considered carefully.

Could a Rusty Battery Improve the Efficiency of Generac Solar Batteries?

With New York Power Solutions, you can get solar power and a Generac solar battery system to provide increased savings over time. Batteries improve the efficiency and reliability of solar, and the technology continues to improve.

Making Sure You Have a Trusted Solar Panel Installer in NY

If you’ve ever invested in home improvements, you probably know that it can take some time to get a contractor that you can trust. With so many options, you need to be sure that the company you choose is reliable and able to deliver on its promises.