How Does an Orange Solar Rooftop Work?

How Does an Orange Solar Rooftop Work?

The sun is the most abundant source of energy that we know. In modern life, outside of agriculture, it’s vastly underutilized. Orange solar changes this. If you’re in Orange County NY, you can convert your roof to harness the energy of the sun all throughout the year. For your family, this means affordable, reliable, and clean energy to use daily.

But how does it all work? How does New York Power Solutions take an ordinary roof and turn it into an Orange solar roof? Let’s dive into the details and find out, and see why Orange solar is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your home.

The Basics of Rooftop Solar Power in Orange County

There are several key components of an Orange solar rooftop system. All work to ensure reliable electricity when you need it.

  • Solar Panels – Rooftop solar power in Orange County starts with solar panels. These are mounted to your roof and oriented to catch as much of the sun’s energy as possible. Solar power in orange county is created when the sun’s light triggers a chemical reaction that produces an electric current.
  • Microinverters – To make use of solar power in Orange County, the electricity must be converted. Solar panels produce DC or Direct Current electricity. Your home uses AC or Alternating Current electricity. Microinverters efficiently convert DC to AC so that it is ready to use in your home. It works just like power from the grid, except you’ll never pay a ridiculous electric bill again.
  • Battery Storage – You can choose to integrate battery storage for solar power in Orange County. A battery storage device, commonly known as a solar battery, is actually an array of batteries in an enclosure. The batteries store excess energy produced by solar power in Orange County, which can be deployed when the sun goes down. With panels and battery storage, you will very rarely need to take power from the grid.

Solar power in Orange County can be used with net metering. You’ll have a new smart meter installed by your electricity company. When you take power from the grid, the meter spins as normal. When your system for solar power in Orange County produces more than you consume, you can export the electricity to the grid, and the meter will spin in reverse.

This allows you to build a ‘credit bank’ to offset your grid usage. Depending on the size of your rooftop system, you could generate more electricity in a year than you consume. If you end the year with a positive credit bank, your provider will buy this from you at a market rate. You’ll literally be paid by the utility company.

Adding Value and Reliability with Orange Solar Battery Backup

Battery backup storage is one of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your system. It will reduce your need for grid power, even when your panels shut down. It also means that during a grid blackout, you’ll still have power during the evenings.

We can design Orange solar systems with battery backup based on your expected usage. We provide detailed energy evaluations, so our custom solar solutions are perfectly suited to your needs.

We Have the Best Solar Roofers in Orange County

To enjoy all the wonderful benefits of solar, you need the best solar roofers in Orange County.

Our roofers in Orange County are fully vetted, trained, qualified, and frequently upskilled. With the best roofers in Orange County, you can have confidence knowing that your solar panels will be stable and correctly aligned to get maximum efficiency.

Our roofers in Orange County also take great care to protect your roof. We use low penetration racking and flashing systems. The mounting hardware won’t cause damage to your roof. In the rare case that something goes wrong with our installation, our roofers in Orange County will perform the repairs for free.

Solar roofers in Orange County understand the unique challenges presented by solar panel installation. Our training ensures that your panels will be safe and durable over the lifetime of your system. We trust our technology and our roofers in Orange County so much that we offer a 25-Year warranty with every installation.

How We Outperform Other Solar Roofing Companies in Orange County

Solar roofing companies in Orange County need to be able to deliver reliable service with solar that will continue to perform for decades.

We are trusted as one of the best solar roofing companies in Orange County thanks to our commitment to quality.

  • We have the highest level of quality control and aftercare support services compared to other solar roofing companies in Orange County.
  • Call us when you are looking for solar roofing companies in Orange County with a fast turnaround. Our installs are completed in a single day for most projects.
  • Our 25-Year warranty is one of the most comprehensive among solar roofing companies in Orange County.
  • Unlike some solar roofing companies in Orange County, we use micro inverters rather than optimizers or string converters. This improves efficiency and reliability at every panel.

New York Power Solutions creates more value than other solar roofing companies in Orange County. We aren’t interested in high volume. Our focus is on quality and satisfied customers. We go beyond expectations to ensure that your investment in solar pays off.

Our average residential installation will create a 15% to 25% return on investment. Customers, on average, can save between $65,000 and $120,000 over the warranty period. Solar saves money. Simple as that. The fact that it’s also more reliable than grid power makes it an easy choice for your home.

Ready to Learn More? Start with Your Free Estimate

With flexible financing, Orange solar is accessible to the average household. Tax benefits and rebates can cover more than half the cost of installation. Start with a free ballpark estimate using satellite data and talk to us today to begin your energy evaluation. Orange solar is an investment that will continue to pay dividends for decades to come.