Installing Solar in Brooklyn with New York Power Solutions

Installing Solar in Brooklyn with New York Power Solutions

Solar in Brooklyn is one of the most effective ways to power your home or business. Clean, affordable, and incredibly reliable, solar gives you real energy independence.

How many times have you looked at your electric bill in disbelief? You’re not alone. New York has some of the highest electric rates in the nation, and they’re increasing over time. High demand on the grid creates unreliability. Outages are common and incredibly frustrating. Solar in Brooklyn doesn’t have these issues. The energy you generate from solar is essentially free. Once you’ve fully paid for your installation, all the savings go right back into your pocket.

With the cost of solar panels in Brooklyn NY more affordable than ever, now is the perfect time to make the switch.

Is Solar in Brooklyn More Environmentally Friendly?

There’s some debate about solar in Brooklyn and how ‘green’ it is. Let’s consider some facts and clear up the confusion…

Solar power is green and carbon-free. Producing solar panels is a little more complicated.

Before the panels and equipment are installed as solar in Brooklyn, a lot of energy goes into the process. Panels use rare earth elements and are produced at very high temperatures. This requires fossil fuel, and this part of the cycle is carbon positive. Manufacturing technologies are getting better, and overall efficiency is improving. In the coming years, we’ll be able to use fewer resources to produce solar panels.

But this only tells half of the story. Despite an incredible amount of energy used during production, the long-term operation of solar panels offsets the environmental cost of solar panels in Brooklyn NY.

When you install solar in Brooklyn, you’ll have what is effectively a zero-carbon powerplant on top of your home or business. Delivery of electricity is more efficient because it covers a shorter distance. You can even store electricity in a battery backup system.

For the most efficient installations of solar in Brooklyn, each panel will ‘pay’ for its carbon footprint within the first three years of operation. This means that over the lifetime of the panels, the electricity produced will be carbon negative. The net benefit for the environment only gets better over time.

Current technology for solar in Brooklyn means that panels are expected to last at least 25-years, but most will function for much longer, often up to 30-years. Every installation from New York Power Solutions is offered with a 25-Year warranty for your peace of mind.

What About the Financial Cost of Solar Panels in Brooklyn NY?

Besides the environmental cost of solar panels in Brooklyn NY, you’ll also be wondering about the financial cost.

Solar is a significant investment, but it’s manageable. More importantly, the cost of solar panels in Brooklyn NY will be returned over the lifetime of your system.

  • With available tax benefits and the NYSERDA NY-Sun Program, you can offset more than half the cost of solar panels in Brooklyn NY.
  • Our average customer can save between $65,000 and $120,000 over 25 years.
  • Solar panel installations typically provide a return on investment of 15% to 25%.

No matter the base cost of solar panels in Brooklyn NY, you can have confidence knowing that the investment will not only balance out but also pay for itself over time.

Solar is accessible to families in Brooklyn with our flexible financing model. We split the financing with an interest-free period backed by expected tax credits. The remainder is applied to a term loan at a low fixed rate. If you have good credit, you can get solar with manageable repayments. With our finance partners, we can structure your loan so that repayments are comparable to or even less than your current power bill.

Once you’ve fully paid the initial cost of solar panels in Brooklyn NY, all the savings will go straight into your pocket.

Brooklyn Solar Means Reliability

Brooklyn solar panels work throughout the year. They are resistant to all weather extremes including snow and hail. Solar in Brooklyn is reliable.

The grid is prone to outages. It is aging rapidly, and the problems are only likely to increase as the population expands. Solar gives you energy independence where you won’t be at the mercy of the grid or the electric companies that distribute on it.

Cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable electricity: that’s what it means to go solar in New York.

We Provide Commercial Installations as an Alternative to Solar Energy Systems LLC in Brooklyn NY

New York Power Solutions is a direct competitor to Solar Energy Systems LLC in Brooklyn NY for the commercial segment. For years, Solar Energy Systems LLC in Brooklyn NY has provided innovative and reliable commercial solar installations.

At New York Power Solutions, we have developed the expertise and brought the best professionals into our business. We are a trusted alternative to Solar Energy Systems LLC in Brooklyn NY.

  • We approach every Brooklyn commercial solar installation with the goal of delivering an affordable solution that generates strong returns over time.
  • Like Solar Energy Systems LLC in Brooklyn NY, our systems are designed and engineered for the project. There’s no cookie-cutter approach. Your commercial solar will be tailored to your needs.
  • We use the latest solar technologies including panels, microinverters, and battery storage systems that are designed for durability and reliability. We can also integrate commercial solar with traditional generator solutions for full redundancy.

Companies like Solar Energy Systems LLC in Brooklyn NY have shown that solar is suitable for even the most demanding commercial properties. With New York Power Solutions, you have another choice. We have the best technicians in the industry. All are fully trained, vetted, and frequently upskilled to ensure that we deliver an outstanding service.

We continually monitor our commercial installations and provide service and maintenance for the lifetime of every solar system.

New York Power Solutions is fully licensed. If you’ve been considering Solar Energy Systems LLC in Brooklyn NY or any other provider, contact us today to learn how we can make your project a success.

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