Solar Roofers in Westchester

Solar Roofers in Westchester

New York Power Solutions is a team of the most experienced designers, consultants, and solar roofers in Westchester. With the right roofers in Westchester, you can have confidence knowing that your solar installation will be built to last and ready to provide an excellent return on investment.

Learn what sets our solar roofers in Westchester apart from companies like Solar City and Solarize Westchester and get your free estimate today.

We Deliver all the Advantages of Solar Panel Installation in Westchester

From companies like Solarize Westchester to our team right here at New York Power Solutions, there are inherent advantages available for home and business owners to enjoy.

Solar panel installation in Westchester can:

  • Reduce or in some cases eliminate power bills.
  • Remove your reliance on the grid.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your home.
  • Give you storage options with a battery wall for emergency backup.
  • Help you generate a return through net metering when you export solar to the grid.
  • Protect you from blackouts and other problems on the grid.

To enjoy all these advantages, you need solar panel installation in Westchester with professionals who take the time to carefully plan and integrate your system. We have decades of collective experience in the energy, solar, and roofing industries, and are ready to provide a detailed consultation with cost/benefit analysis.

When you choose us for solar panel installation in Westchester, you’ll have confidence knowing that it’s an investment that makes sense.

Making the Most of Solar Tax Credits in Westchester County NY

Solar is the energy of the future, and our government recognizes this. There are solar tax credits in Westchester County NY that can make your investment more affordable. The solar tax credits in Westchester County NY can cover more than half the cost of installation in many cases.

Choosing the right solar roofers in Westchester means choosing the company that will help you to leverage all your solar tax credits in Westchester County NY.

  • A federal tax credit of 26% is available for new solar installations (the credit is set to progressively decrease in the coming years so it’s best to install sooner).
  • State solar tax credits in Westchester County NY can cover up to $5,000 of the total cost of installation.
  • NYSERDA solar tax credits in Westchester County NY provide a reimbursement per watt. For example, a family installing an 11Kw system could get up to $5,500 back.

Solar tax credits in Westchester County NY are sometimes overwhelming. There’s some complexity not only in knowing what credits are available, but how much this would offset your cost of installation.

We make solar tax credits in Westchester County NY easy. We anticipate your credits and can factor these directly into our no money down financing model with an initial interest-free period. When you pay off the first loan, the remainder is paid over a term of your choice at a competitive fixed rate.

If you aren’t sure about the tax credits available to you, or if you haven’t been given straight answers from other solar roofers in Westchester, it’s time to talk to us. New York Power Solutions makes it easier and simpler to get solar panel installation in Westchester while leveraging all the credits and incentives that you are entitled to.

Comparing Companies Like Solarize Westchester and Solar City in Westchester NY

There’s no shortage of choice when you need solar panel installation in Westchester. New York Power Solutions serves the entire county, delivering solar to homes and businesses.

If you’ve considered companies like Solarize Westchester or Solar City in Westchester NY (now part of Tesla), take the time to think about what it is that makes a service provider the right fit for you.

  • Do you have access to real customer testimonials and feedback? Solar City in Westchester NY and Solarize Westchester are reputable names but there are some companies out there that you should simply steer clear of. New York Power Solutions is completely transparent with customer feedback. We have installed more than 5,000 systems across New York.
  • Do you Prefer to Support NY Businesses? Solar City in Westchester NY was purchased by Tesla, a Californian company that is starting to develop an understanding of the unique needs of our region. New York Power Solutions is based in New York, started in New York, and our team is local. We understand the challenges of solar here. We are experts in meeting these challenges head-on.
  • Do you want more choice? Solar City in Westchester NY deals exclusively in Tesla products today. Competition drives innovation. Having a selection of available technologies is an advantage. New York Power Solutions is partnered with leading brands like LG, Panasonic, Sonnen, and Generac, to name just a few. Our strong supplier relationships ensure that you always get the best solution regardless of brand.

Companies like Solar City in Westchester NY and Solarize Westchester have played an important role in expanding solar in the region. Call us biased, but we believe that New York Power Solutions does it best. We aren’t here for our bottom line. We’re here to ensure that you get the best information, the right solar solution for your needs, and the most value over time. Solar is an investment, and our average customer generates a return between 15% and 25%. We are confident that we can create real value through savings and a generated return, along with the inherent benefits of solar, making us the best choice over options like Solarize Westchester and the now-defunct Solar City in Westchester NY.

We provide the information. You make the choice. That’s the difference between us and companies like Solar City in Westchester NY and Solarize Westchester.

Our Solar Roofers in Westchester are Standing By

Your solar panel installation in Westchester starts with a simple estimate. We use satellite data to determine a ballpark figure for solar panel installation in Westchester. When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll provide detailed consultation and cost/benefit analysis. We inspect your home to determine if solar is right for you. Our solar roofers in Westchester can repair or replace your roof in preparation for the work.

With our superior customer service, the best solar systems and components, and the tax credits and rebates that are currently available, there’s never been a better time to explore your options with solar roofers in Westchester NY.

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