Solar Incentives & Financing

New York Power Solutions Makes It Easy to Use Your Solar Incentives

Solar is more accessible than ever before, with a range of solar incentives available to families and businesses in New York. With state solar incentives and federal government incentives for solar panels, it’s possible to cover more than half the cost of your first installation of solar panels at home or your place of business.

At New York Power Solutions, we make it easier to use your solar incentives, with some expected rebates and benefits tied directly into our no money down financing.

The NY Sun Solar Incentive Education Program is One of the Best of Its Kind

New York is establishing itself as a leader in solar, with programs like the NY Sun solar incentive program convincing more families to have reliable and affordable solar installed.

The NY Sun solar incentive program is more than just a specific tax credit or rebate. It’s a large-scale program designed to increase the education around solar and its benefits. Why does the NY Sun solar incentive program exist? There are a few reasons for this.

  • New York’s grid is old and electricity generation and distribution are costly and inefficient. The NY Sun solar incentive education program aims to reduce resource waste by having more solar panels at individual properties.
  • New Yorkers pay too much for power. If you live here, you know it too well. The NY Sun solar incentive program will provide more people with a pathway to a better alternative.
  • NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research & Development Authority) developed the NY Sun solar incentive program to help the average buyer learn about tax credits and solar incentives that are available to them.

The NY Sun solar incentive program has provided extensive education for people throughout New York and is one of the largest and most successful programs of its kind. New Yorkers are now more aware of solar and the government support that is available to them.

As a NYSERDA approved contractor, New York Power Solutions is ready to provide detailed information about tax credits and incentives available to you and we can apply these directly to the price of our systems, as well as estimate credits that can be used for financing.

Don’t Miss Out on Government Incentives for Solar Panels

Government incentives for solar panels won’t last forever. The government’s strategy is to make solar more affordable today so that we are prepared for America’s high energy demands in the future. As more homes and businesses install solar, the incentives will be gradually phased out.

  • The Federal Tax Rebate is a great example of government incentives for solar panels that will eventually diminish and disappear. Today, the credit is worth 26%, but it will decrease to 22% in 2023 and will expire in 2024 if government incentives for solar panels aren’t renewed by Congress.

Government incentives for solar panels are generous. The NYC Solar Property Tax Abatement Program allows a 5% deduction on the cost of solar for 4 consecutive years.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to take advantage of the various government incentives for solar panels. Talk to our team today, and we’ll let you know what government incentives for solar panels you are eligible for, while providing a detailed cost/benefit analysis for a solar installation.

Educating our customers is key. We provide the information. You make the choice.

New York Energy Storage Incentive

There are no New York energy storage incentives tied directly to the installation of a battery storage system. Instead, the existing incentives help to pay for solar battery storage.

Rather than receiving a direct New York energy storage incentive, you can offset the cost of your entire system through programs like tax abatement, personal or commercial tax rebate, or the NYSERDA sponsored discount provided through your contractor.

There may be New York energy storage incentives in the future, but this depends on how the industry and solar usage patterns evolve. As more people get connected with solar, a dedicated New York energy storage incentive becomes less likely.

During your consultation and cost planning, you’ll see how the other available benefits help to pay for your solar in place of a specific New York energy storage incentive.

Keep in mind that if any New York energy storage incentive is approved by the state, our company will be right on top of the information. Our position as a NYSERDA approved contractor gives us access to training and information on existing solar incentives and potential future ones like New York energy storage incentives.

New York Business Tax Incentives

It’s not just homeowners who can receive solar incentives. New York business tax incentives are available in most cases. The 30% federal tax credit is one of the most valuable New York business tax incentives of all.

In addition, your business may qualify for credits under a commercial depreciation allowance, a New York State real property tax exemption, and the NYC real property tax abatement program.

If you want to know what New York business tax incentives apply to your business, and how much they would impact the cost of your solar installation, talk to us today. New York business tax incentives mean that you can have affordable solar for commercial use with a reduced initial investment.

New York business tax incentives are in many cases more generous than those in other states, but, like residential incentives, they won’t be around forever. Take advantage of New York business tax incentives by starting with a consultation and estimate from New York Power Solutions.

Finance with Solar Incentives in New York

Whether considering New York business tax incentives or personal incentives for homeowners, you can have confidence knowing that New York Power Solutions will help you to make the most of them.

Expected tax credits are used to support your initial loan with no money down. We’ll create a one-year loan interest-free that is paid once you receive your tax refunds. The remainder of your installation cost is then applied to a loan term of your choosing. Through our finance partners, we offer solar financing at a fixed low rate. If you have good credit, nothing is stopping you from having clean and reliable solar.

Get the most out of solar incentives before they are gone. Contact us today to begin your consultation or get your free ballpark estimate online. New York Power Solutions is your trusted partner for stress-free solar installation in NY.