The SMART Solar Program Helps Manage Residential Solar Panels Cost

The SMART Solar Program Helps Manage Residential Solar Panels Cost

Managing residential solar panels cost is simple when you choose New York Power Solutions for your installation. We have developed the SMART Solar Program to ensure that all aspects of solar system cost, design, and installation are carefully managed from end to end.

Learn how the SMART Solar Program works and get your free residential solar panels cost estimate today.

How is Solar Panel Cost Calculated?

Solar panel cost is determined by a few different factors, including the size and type of system that you choose to install.

Solar panel cost increases with the more solar panels that you install. Your system must be correctly sized for your home and your average energy usage patterns. Additional systems, like battery storage, also contribute to the total solar panel cost.

The efficiency of our designs and the tax benefits and incentives available to you can help to reduce total solar panel costs in New York.

  • Tax benefits and New York Incentives like the New York Sun Program can cover more than half the total solar panel cost.
  • We analyze your energy usage and current bills to develop a system with the lowest possible solar panel cost for your needs.
  • Affordable solar panel cost doesn’t come at the expense of reliability. We don’t cut corners when designing or installing New York solar solutions.

Because every home and business is unique, solar panel prices vary from location to location and even neighbor to neighbor. The best way to determine your true solar panel price is to get an estimate and begin the consultation process with New York Power Solutions.

No Money Down Solar Panel Roof Cost Estimates

Getting an honest and accurate solar panel roof cost estimate is easy with New York Power Solutions. Even better is the fact that you can get solar with no money down.

If you have a good credit score and qualify for tax credits (most home and business installations do), you can finance your solar system with no money down. Our solar panel roof cost estimates are already competitive. This makes things even more appealing.

  • Your expected tax credits are calculated and applied to an initial loan. There’s no money down and the term is interest-free. At the end of the tax year, you pay off the initial loan.
  • The rest of the installation cost is applied to a longer loan with a term of your choosing. We offer low fixed rates through our finance partners.

If you were to finance a system at a high rate or with a floating rate, the real cost could end up being very different from the solar panel roof cost estimate. Because our financing is simpler and fixed, the solar panel roof cost estimate will align with what you eventually pay for your system.

In addition to the solar panel roof cost estimate, we’ll provide you with a breakdown of the financing so that you’ll know exactly what you will need to pay over time.

We can provide ballpark solar panel roof cost estimates based on satellite data almost instantly. When you’re ready to move forward with your energy evaluation and consultation, we’ll give you a highly detailed and accurate solar panel roof cost estimate.

The SMART Solar Program Manages Solar System Cost

Our solar system costs are so competitive because we’ve developed the SMART Solar Program to manage costs. The energy evaluation informs every aspect of your system from the total power output to the amount of energy that you will be able to keep in battery storage.

Solar system cost is offset by the fact that a solar installation can pay for itself over time. With the SMART Solar Program, we make sure that it happens.

  • Your Free Energy Savings Assessment and Evaluation includes a detailed cost/benefit analysis.
  • We provide Active Monitoring for every system to ensure efficiency and reliability.
  • You will have access to Consumption Monitoring through convenient iOS and Android apps.
  • We use Low-Penetration Racking and Flashing to protect your roof and the solar panels.
  • We offer Ongoing Support that begins with our in-home welcome meeting.
  • Each system is covered by a 25-Year Warranty.

Solar system cost is something of a misleading term. When we think of ‘cost’ we think of an expense. Solar is an investment that can provide strong returns. Our average customer will generate a return on investment of 15% to 25% based on the initial solar system cost.

When you consider that solar will provide significant savings over the lifetime of the warranty, the solar system cost becomes less important. Solar system cost, even while paying off the financing, can be less than or comparable to a typical electric bill.

Once you’ve fully paid off the initial solar panel price, all the savings will go directly to your wallet.

Great Solar Panel Prices without Compromises

Solar panel prices are more affordable than they have ever been, especially when considering the efficiency of technologies that are available today. We quote competitive solar panel prices and design systems intended to save you money in the long term. You should consider solar panel prices within the context of what you could save, which is why we provide a detailed cost/benefit analysis for every customer.

We aren’t focused on volume. We are passionate about clean energy and want our customers to have more financial freedom and reliable electricity. If solar panel prices don’t make sense in your unique scenario, then we won’t push you to sign for an install. Trust has helped us grow in the market, along with our great solar panel prices and excellent customer service. You can have confidence knowing that you’ll get the best deal with New York Power Solutions.

Enjoy competitive residential solar panels costs, join the SMART Solar Program, and enjoy clean, more affordable energy. It’s that simple.

We provide the information. You make the choice.

Get an Estimate for Residential Solar Panels Cost Today

All our customers are enrolled in the SMART Solar Program for free. All you have to do is start with your energy savings assessment. You’ll learn the residential solar panels cost for your home, and we’ll show you what you can save and get back over the lifetime of your system.

Residential solar panels cost is made more affordable with state and federal incentives, as well as our efficient approach to solar design. You can manage the residential solar panels cost with the best financing in the industry.

We’re available to begin the consultation process now.