New York Home Solar System

Backup Battery with a New York Home Solar System

Solar in New York is the most efficient way to power your home. With savings over time and a return on investment, it’s also affordable. A New York home solar system can give you real energy independence with less reliance on the expensive and unreliable grid. With a battery backup included in your NY solar installation, the benefits get even better.

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Battery Backup Improves Your New York Home Solar System

If you’re considering a NY solar installation, adding a battery backup can improve the reliability and value of the entire system.

With traditional electric service from the grid, you’ll be exposed to outages, you’ll pay peak utility rates when you need electricity the most, and you’ll be vulnerable to the ever-increasing prices.

A NY solar installation with battery backup will be reliable and resilient. You can continue to power your home during an outage. Unlike with the grid where rates are complex, you’ll enjoy more consistent repayments on your installation with lower payments (sometimes zero) to the utility provider.

Solar is more efficient and better for the environment. With a New York home solar system, you’ll generate most of your electrical needs right on your rooftop.

You can even forget about peak rates because your battery can be configured to deploy during peak times.

How Long Can Solar in New York Keep Running During an Outage?

If you have solar in New York, it will only keep running if you have a battery backup system installed. Without a battery backup, your system will be connected to the grid, so it will shut down during outages to protect the network and the people working on it.

Solar in New York with a battery will keep your home powered during an outage. How long it runs will depend on the size of the battery and your typical consumption. Ballpark figures are tricky because every home is different.

The average home with battery backup will keep running with lights and essential appliances switched on for up to three days. If you run central A/C or heating as well as non-essential appliances, your system could run for around 17 – 24 hours without grid power.

It all depends on the system design. Let us know your needs and we’ll plan solar in New York with battery backup to suit.

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Cost/Benefit Analysis for New York Solar Installation

Not every home will need New York solar installation with a battery backup. At New York power solutions, we are committed to providing solutions that return value. If it doesn’t make sense for your situation, we won’t recommend solar with a battery.

To give you all the data you need to make an informed choice, we provide a complete cost/benefit analysis in the consultation stage. We will look at your recent bills and typical usage, along with your solar generation potential. You will know how much value your New York solar installation will provide.

Trust the Leader Among Solar Panel Companies in New York

New York Power Solutions has installed more than 5,000 solar systems across New York. We are the company that locals trust when comparing the best solar panel companies in New York.

Our SMART Solar Program sets us apart from other solar panel companies in New York, ensuring that your installation is affordable and that your system creates value over time.

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