NY Solar Panel Installer

How to Choose a NY Solar Panel Installer

Installing solar panels in New York will give you access to clean and affordable energy for your home. Your choice of NY solar panel installer will be key. At New York Power Solutions we employ the best solar installers in the state. Consider the key criteria for choosing the right NY solar panel installer and see how we stack up to the competition.

Workmanship and Warranty for Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels in New York last for decades, or at least they should. The workmanship and warranty should give you confidence in your investment. The best solar panel installers will provide long warranty periods and safeguards for your home and your system.

At New York Power Solutions we have fully vetted and trained NY solar panel installers available for your project. Every installation is covered by a 25-Year solar panel warranty. We use specialist low-penetration racking and flashing to ensure that panels are secure and stable without damaging your roof.

When you want the highest quality solar panel installation, New York Power Solutions is the team to call.

Expertise and System Design for Solar Panels in New York

No two solar panel installations are completely alike. How many solar panels in New York will you need? Do you require a battery backup system? Questions like these are important. The system design is key to ensuring that you get reliable solar with a good return on investment.

Choose a NY solar panel installer that takes the time to understand your needs and design a system around them.

Our team will provide you with a detailed cost/benefit analysis for solar panel installation so that you can see how the system design will work in your case. We consider all key data points like the location of your home, the orientation of your roof, shade, and usage patterns.

Choosing the Best Solar Panel Installer for Financing

With the right design, solar panel installation can generate a strong return on investment. But, there’s no getting past the fact that the initial cost is significant. Most families finance their solar panels to keep the costs manageable.

Finding the best solar panel installer means considering the available financing options.

You can get solar installed with no money down when you choose New York Power Solutions. We provide the best solar panel installers in the state, and you won’t have to pay a cent upfront.

We split our financing into two terms. The initial interest-free term is based on your available tax credits and rebates. At the end of the tax year, you’ll pay off the initial loan. We then move to a longer-term for the remainder of the bill. The second loan comes with a competitive interest rate thanks to our relationships with the best banks and lenders in New York.

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Finding the Best Solar Installer to Explain Your Rebates and Incentives

There are valuable tax incentives and rebates available to New Yorkers. This includes Federal and State programs. You can significantly offset the cost of your solar installation when you choose the best solar installer that understands what’s currently available.

New York Power solutions will factor the available rebates and incentives into your financing. We’ll ensure that you take advantage of all state and federal programs that you’re eligible for. The result is affordable solar with the best solar installer.

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The best NY solar panel installer is the company that will provide excellent workmanship and a long warranty. The right company will have the expertise to design an efficient system. You can even get help with tax rebates and incentives to offset the cost of your system. Financing is simple when you choose a reliable company for solar panel installation.

New York Power Solutions will exceed your expectations. We’ve connected more than 5,000 customers to solar in New York. Start with your consultation and see why we’re the company that people prefer when looking for affordable and reliable home solar.