Solar Panel Home Installation – What to Expect

Solar Panel Home Installation – What to Expect

Deciding to have solar panel home installation is a big step, but it’s one that ultimately pays off. A solar panel home installation gives you freedom from the grid. You’ll never see a ridiculous electric bill again, and you’ll have a more reliable solution, especially if you also choose something like a Powerwall installation.

Our process for solar panel home installation has been designed for simplicity. Your transition to solar will be stress-free.

Here’s all you need to know about solar panel home installation with New York Power Solutions.

Residential Solar Installation Done Right

We offer a streamlined process for residential solar installation in New York. In just five steps, you’ll have clean and reliable solar at home.

1. We provide an initial consultation and a brief of the design to ensure that residential solar installation is right for you.
2. We conduct a detailed on-site survey and provide a cost/benefit analysis for residential solar installation.
3. We take care of the permits in-house. That’s less stress for you during residential solar installation.
4. With permits secured, we install with qualified technicians.
5. Once it’s all connected, our aftercare staff provide a welcome meeting to teach you about your system and how it works.

Getting started with residential solar installation is as simple as contacting us to initiate the process. You can even get a ballpark estimate for residential solar installation directly on our website.

Our residential solar installations are performed by highly trained, experienced, and certified technicians. There are no corners cut.

How Long Does Solar System Installation Take?

For most projects, solar system installation is completed in less than a day. There are certain cases where solar system installation could take two or more days, depending on the work that is involved.

  • If you need roofing repairs or replacement before solar system installation, you can expect to add a couple of days to the process.
  • The actual solar panels and microinverters for solar system installation are safely installed within just a few hours.
  • The consultation process takes some time because we want this to be detailed. Most customers are through the process (from the initial call to the welcome meeting) in two to three months.
  • Permitting, choosing the right equipment, and designing an efficient solar system installation take time. The physical install is one of the fastest steps.

Your solar system installation will be unique, so consider these figures as rough estimates. When you talk to us for your consultation and energy savings evaluation, we’ll give you an accurate timeline for the solar system installation process.

Our Solar PV Installers Take Care of Your Roof

Solar PV installers are highly experienced and know how to protect your roof. Solar panel home installation can be problematic if you don’t have the right contractors.

Our solar PV installers use low penetration racking and flashing. This ensures a stable foundation for panels without causing damage to the roof. Systems from our solar PV installers are covered by a 25-Year warranty. We’re confident that our solar PV installers won’t cause problems with your roof and are willing to back this up. If anything goes wrong, we’ll provide repairs for free.

Our solar PV installers are professional and respectful. We clean up all mess and leave nothing behind but beautiful, clean solar panels ready to power your home.

If you want the most trusted solar PV installers in New York, we’re the company to choose. Our experienced team of solar PV installers has connected more than 5,000 New Yorkers to solar.

How Much Does Solar Installation Cost?

Solar installation costs have steadily decreased over time. Even with a reduction in solar installation cost, the technologies and components have become more reliable and efficient.

We offer competitive solar installation costs to make solar more accessible to New Yorkers. Rebates and tax credits can cover more than half the total solar installation cost.

You can get a ballpark estimate for solar installation costs on our website today. After your initial consultation, we will assess your home with an on-site inspection to give you a final quote for solar installation cost.

We don’t provide specific figures online because solar installation cost varies from home to home based on system size, complexity, available tax benefits, and other factors. The best way to talk numbers is to contact us today. Our cost/benefit analysis is highly accurate and will let you know if solar is right for you.

We provide the information. You make the choice.

Looking for Powerwall Installation? We Can Install a Battery Wall at Your Home

Powerwall installation (battery backup) is an option with your solar panel system. Powerwall installation will give you more freedom from the grid and some extra benefits.

  • A Powerwall installation can act as emergency backup power during a severe weather event or blackout.
  • Powerwall installations keep working even while panels shut down, so you can use your stored solar in the evenings.
  • A Powerwall installation can supply enough power for your entire home, or just the circuits that you choose.
  • You can track stored energy and consumption for a Powerwall installation using smartphone apps.

Powerwall is a specific battery wall product by Tesla. We install battery walls that are functionally similar to Tesla products with added advantages. We source battery walls from companies including Generac and Sonnen.

Choose Affiliated NYSERDA Installers

NYSERDA offers generous incentives to offset the cost of your solar system. NYSERDA installers receive the incentive directly and it is taken off the top of your cost of installation. If you don’t choose approved NYSERDA installers, you’ll pay more for your solar.

New York Power Solutions is a team of approved NYSERDA installers so you can have confidence knowing that you’ll get the best deal.

  • Only NYSERDA installers will receive the NYSERDA rebate to make your installation more affordable.
  • NYSERDA installers comply with quality assurance protocols to ensure your system meets or exceeds industry standards.
  • Choosing NYSERDA installers is the best way to ensure an effective, efficient, and affordable solar installation.

Ready for Your Solar Panel Home Installation?

New York Power Solutions is the best company to choose for solar panel home installation in New York. We serve areas including Putnam County, Westchester, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. For the most reliable New York solar panel home installation that delivers on all the inherent benefits of solar, talk to us today.