Staten Island Solar

It’s Easier Than Ever to Get Staten Island Solar with Financing

A Staten Island solar installation can give your family energy independence. Solar reduces your reliance on the grid with clean and reliable energy generated right on your rooftop.

For many families, the choice between solar and electricity from the grid comes down to the initial cost. At New York Power Solutions, we remove the barrier by offering no money down solar on Staten Island.

Here’s how it works…

How We Provide No Money Down Solar on Staten Island

How much do you need to put down for your Staten Island solar installation? With New York Power Solutions, you can get finance without a deposit.

No money down solar on Staten Island is based on expected tax credits. We have a split financing model to keep things simple and affordable. Solar incentives can offset the cost of installation, and the federal and state personal tax credits can be significant.

  • The initial term is the basis of our no money down solar on Staten Island. You’ll pay nothing upfront, with an interest-free loan based on expected tax credits. You’ll pay this loan once the credits are processed and received.
  • The rest of your bill will be applied to a term loan of your choosing. The rates are competitive, and you’ll have the versatility to select a structure that works for you.

We’ll help you to make an informed decision by providing detailed information. Our cost/benefit analysis is key to making the right decision on solar. More than just a clean way to power your home, a Staten Island solar installation is more affordable than paying the ridiculous electric utility rates in New York City.

We provide the information. You Make the choice. New York Power Solutions makes it easier than ever to switch to solar.

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The Best Home Solar Financing Options

We have developed our home solar financing options in partnership with Sungage Financial for the lowest monthly repayments. Home solar financing options are backed by an industry leader that you can trust, so you can have confidence throughout the lifetime of your investment.

Our home solar financing options have low rates, with terms ranging from 5 to 25 years. You can choose the term that best suits your budget.

Credit decisions are made quickly, so you won’t be left waiting when you want solar financing options.

The Environmental Benefits of Going Solar

Staten Island is unique in New York City for its rich natural features and tree-lined streets. The borough is known for its green spaces with more than 170 parks covering more than 12,300 acres. Protecting the environment and the lifestyle here is important.

Our energy demands are affecting climate change, and there are a few ways that we can address this. Grid generation is slowly adapting but it will take time to get renewables down the power lines. New York still relies heavily on fossil fuel plants. We can’t consume less electricity because even as things become more efficient, we are looking at a future where cars and motorcycles are likely to be powered by electricity, rather than gasoline or diesel.

Making change at an institutional level is always a slow process. The biggest impact you will have is at home. Adding solar panels to your roof can immediately reduce your carbon footprint. You can even export excess generation from your system. This will help to power homes and businesses on the grid. You’ll receive credits on your bill for the electricity that you export. This will offset any electricity that you import during the evenings.

A Staten Island solar installation is your best bet for joining the push for decarbonization at a grassroots level. You will have real energy independence, and you’ll no longer be at the mercy of the utility companies and their ever-increasing rates.

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We provide free Staten Island solar estimates and detailed consultations. You can have confidence knowing that solar is the right choice for your needs. All you need to do is get started today. New York Power Solutions can give you the efficient and affordable home that you want with reliable solar panels on your rooftop.