Battery Backup for Solar Panels

California Just Spent $1 Billion on Battery Backup for Solar Panels

If you’re thinking about getting solar, you might have considered battery backup for solar panels as optional. But if you’re looking for the best efficiency and reliability, a solar battery will return value that goes far beyond the initial investment.

Best of all, you can get battery backup for solar panels while taking advantage of some excellent NY solar tax credits and federal incentives.

California is recognized as a leading solar state. With more deployments and capacity than anywhere else in America, the state is often a benchmark for what’s possible. Long sunshine hours and ideal climate help to make solar viable in the state. The government also helps with its incentive programs. Recently, the state government has funded homeowners with $1 billion in subsidies for new installations using battery backup for solar panels. The program garnered headlines and maybe even a little bit of envy from other states. But you don’t need to feel left out.

Here are the best NY solar tax credits that you can get access to with the help of New York Power Solutions.

NY Solar Tax Credits

Californians aren’t the only ones to benefit from government support when investing in solar panels.

  • In New York City, you have access to the NYC Property Tax Abatement program. Through this, you can claim 5% of the cost of your solar installation on your property taxes over four consecutive years.
  • New York State also offers an income tax credit that is worth up to $5,000 of the total cost of your installation.
  • There’s also support from the federal government. You can get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit based on the cost of your solar installation. For 2022, the credit is worth 26% of your bill.

Beyond NY solar tax credits, there’s also an incentive applied directly to your bill. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority provides funding directly to contractors, which reduces the cost of your installation. It’s based on the size of your system.

Californians get access to some great incentives, but your options for New York solar installation are just as lucrative. With a leading installer like New York Power Solutions, you’ll learn about all the incentives available to you and these will even tie into your financing.

Credits and Incentives Apply to Battery Backup for Solar Panels

California’s recent funding applied to battery backup for solar panels. In New York, the incentives also cover battery storage systems.

If you install a solar battery at the same time as your panels (i.e., on the same bill) then all the programs we’ve mentioned can be applied. These programs are based on the total bill for solar, which includes the battery system, the panels, and other equipment.

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It’s the Best Time to Get Your New York Solar Installation

Solar panels are vastly more affordable than in the past. With no money down financing from New York Power Solutions, you won’t have to wait to enjoy the benefits of a New York solar installation.

Tax credits and incentives won’t last forever. As more people adopt solar at home, the government will roll back its programs. Now is the best time to get your New York solar installation while there’s still plenty of support and a push for decarbonization in the United States. Solar power is more affordable than buying electricity from the grid, especially when you have so many options to offset the initial cost of investment.

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