Solar in Cortlandt NY

The Reasons to Avoid DIY Solar in Cortlandt NY

Every day, families in New York make the switch to solar to enjoy savings and reliability. Solar is one of the best investments that you can make in your home, with a strong return generated over time. As a homeowner, you might have taken on several DIY projects to improve your property and increase its value. If you’re considering Solar in Cortlandt NY, you might have thought about doing the project yourself.

Many homeowners assume that Solar in Cortlandt NY is just another weekend project. The reality is that even with some DIY experience, you’ll get far better results and a better return on investment when you trust the job to local professionals.

Before you spend money on DIY equipment, consider the reasons that you should avoid the DIY route for Cortlandt home solar.

Cortlandt Home Solar Requires Detailed Planning

There’s quite a lot involved in designing efficient Cortlandt home solar. It’s not as simple as choosing some DIY panels and hooking them up. Even if the physical work seems simple, it’s the design and configuration that trips most people up.

To properly implement Cortlandt home solar, the system needs to be correctly sized for the home and the average energy usage patterns. Panels should be orientated in just the right way to ensure efficiency and a strong return on investment. There are also questions to consider, like is the roof ready for solar, and would surrounding shade structures need to be removed?

DIY kits make Cortlandt home solar installation seem easy, but the reality is that solar engineers need years of training and experience to install the most efficient and reliable systems.

DIY Solar Installation Limits Your Incentive Options

With professional Cortlandt solar installation, you can take advantage of a range of solar incentives and tax benefits. NYSERDA grants are paid directly to contractors, offsetting the initial cost of Cortlandt solar installation.

If you go with a DIY system, you’ll miss out on some lucrative benefits that can improve the long-term return on investment.

New York Power Solutions can send the best solar installers in Cortlandt, and we’ll help you to determine which incentives and tax credits are available. With our experience and professional service, we’ll ensure that your system is as affordable as possible while taking advantage of the various financial programs that are available in New York.

Do not install DIY Solar on your home in Cortlandt, NY. Call the professionals today to get started!

Solar Installers in Cortlandt Ensure Safer Solar Installations

Installing solar can be a dangerous process that requires a careful approach to risk assessment and mitigation. Professional solar installers in Cortlandt are specifically trained to work on rooftops and around sensitive electrical equipment.

With a DIY job, there are simply too many variables and opportunities for things to go wrong. The best solar installers in Cortlandt will manage the risks for a safer and more efficient installation. You’ll also get a warranty on the system, so you’ll have complete confidence in the workmanship and the system’s suitability for your home.

Don’t risk your home or the health and safety of your family. Choose the best solar installers in Cortlandt, NY.

Professional Solar in Cortlandt NY is More Convenient

Think about all the extras that you can get with professionally installed Solar in Cortlandt NY.

New York Power Solutions will provide a professionally engineered solution based on your budget and your energy demands. We offer detailed cost/benefit analysis so that you can see the real value of solar.

We’ll also take care of all the permits and ensure that your system is fully compliant. We perform safer installations using the best equipment and materials. There’s no risk or liability. We are fully insured and licensed to install Solar in Cortlandt NY. We are also an NYSERDA-Approved installer, so state rebates can be taken right off the top of your bill, ensuring that you get the best deal.

We also take steps to protect your roof. We use low-penetration racking and flashing. You’ll have confidence with strongly mounted solar panels without the risk of roof damage.

Make the switch to solar the right way. Start with your free estimate for Solar in Cortlandt NY. The team at New York Power Solutions is ready to get started on your project.