Ramapo NY Solar Installation Process

What is the Ramapo NY Solar Installation Process?

At New York Power Solutions, we’ve made the Ramapo NY solar installation process as simple as possible so that you can go green without stress. Our SMART Solar Program ensures the most efficient installation with maximum savings and reliability throughout the lifetime of your system.

See how easy it is to switch with our Ramapo NY solar installation process.

Do You Need Special Permits to Install Solar in Ramapo NY?

Permits are typically needed for any major modification to your home. There are special permits to install solar in Ramapo NY. The permitting process ensures that the solar system is designed to meet state and local codes.

You will need permits to install solar in Ramapo NY at your home, so it’s important to choose an experienced Ramapo solar company. At New York Power Solutions, we take care of the process in-house as part of our Ramapo NY solar installation process. That means no additional paperwork for you to fill out.

You’ll have complete confidence knowing that your solar system meets and exceeds all standards for safety, reliability, and performance.

5 Easy Steps with the Best Ramapo Solar Company

Solar is one of the best investments that you can make in your home. At New York Power Solutions, we’ve installed more than 5,000 systems to provide clean and reliable electricity to homes and businesses. Our systems also generate significant savings with a strong return on investment.

Solar systems can appear simple but engineering, installing, and supporting them can be complex. Our Ramapo solar company takes care of the finer details while keeping everything simple on your end. That includes the application and installation process.

There are five easy steps to get installed with the best Ramapo solar company…

  1. Once you’ve got your free ballpark estimate, a consultant from our Ramapo solar company will contact you to begin the initial consultation. We’ll provide a design brief and check that your home is ready for solar.
  2. We’ll schedule an on-site inspection and survey with the initial step taken. This allows us to check for details that aren’t available through satellite imaging. We’ll look at the condition of your roof, survey surrounding shade structures, and confirm that your home is suited to solar. The data we collect will provide you with a cost/benefit analysis. This is the most important step in determining if solar is the right choice for you.
  3. When you give the go-ahead, we’ll take care of the permit applications in-house. You won’t need to fill out any additional forms. We are an NYSERDA-Approved contractor. Our systems are designed to pass all requirements, so the permitting process is quick and painless.
  4. After the permits are approved, we’ll schedule an installation date that suits you. Our installations are completed in a single day. Our experienced technicians will come to your home, install the panels and other equipment, clean everything up, and leave you with nothing but reliable solar.
  5. We’ll conduct a welcome meeting at your home. In the final step of our Ramapo NY solar installation process, we’ll set up your monitoring apps so you can see data about your system in real-time. We’ll explain how your system works and answer any questions you might have.

Our Ramapo NY solar installation process makes it easy to get solar panels on your rooftop.

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Join the SMART Solar Program

We have designed the SMART Solar Program to ensure that your installation is smooth and that you get the best returns from going solar.

The SMART Solar Program includes no money down solar financing based on expected tax credits. We split financing into two terms, the first being interest-free and fully backed by your expected rebates.

Through the SMART Solar Program, you will enjoy…

  • A completely free Energy Savings Assessment with a Cost/Benefit Analysis.
  • Active Monitoring for your system through Smart Apps.
  • A 25-Year Warranty on your Solar Panels.
  • Low-Penetration Racking & Flashing to protect your Solar Panels and Rooftop.
  • 24/7 Support from our Solar Experts throughout the Warranty.

With the SMART Solar Program, you can maximize the financial and practical benefits created by solar power in Ramapo NY.

Get Your Free Solar Estimate from Our Team Today

You can get a ballpark Ramapo solar estimate online today. This initial step will start the Ramapo NY solar installation process. It has never been easier to switch to solar. Choose New York Power Solutions and enjoy reliable and affordable solar from the best contractor in the state.