Flatbush Solar

The Benefits of Flatbush Solar

Although there are plenty of densely populated areas in Brooklyn where private solar panels would be unfeasible, there are just as many neighborhoods where solar makes perfect sense. Flatbush is one of them. Flatbush solar is ideal for standalone family homes, and there are extensive benefits that can come from working with the best Flatbush NY solar company. Discover the benefits of solar and get your free home solar estimate in Flatbush from New York Power Solutions.

Flatbush Solar Saves You Money

We’re all looking to save some money, especially in a time like now when inflation is high, and the cost of living is dramatically rising. Solar is one of the best ways to save money. Investing in solar with a Flatbush NY solar company will generate month-to-month savings, and these will last not just for years, but decades into the future.

  • Solar saves money by reducing your reliance on the grid. New York electricity rates are ridiculous but until recently, there hasn’t been a viable alternative. Solar can power your home throughout the day so that you spend less on your utility bill.
  • You can also generate savings with net metering. When your solar system produces more energy than you consume, the excess will be sent to the grid and your meter will spin in reverse. This helps to counter the electricity that you take from the grid in the evenings.

With utility rates rising, installation with a Flatbush NY solar company can help to ensure that you are protected. Even if the rates rise, your savings from solar will remain proportionate.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

A Flatbush NY Solar Company Can Give Your Home Reliable Electricity

One of the biggest complaints about New York electricity providers, besides price, is reliability. With the help of a Flatbush NY solar company, you can enjoy enhanced reliability and even protection from outages.

Ask for an estimate and plan for a solar battery backup system, and you can keep your home running even when the grid goes down. A battery backup system could also enhance savings by storing electricity during the day and giving you the option to deploy that electricity in the evenings when the utility company increases its rates to cover peak demand.

Solar Financing in Flatbush Makes Solar Affordable

In the past, solar wasn’t accessible to the average homeowner. Prices were high and the return on investment was questionable. That has changed in recent years. Solar panels are more efficient with a higher total output, so it’s viable to convert your home to solar, even when you remain connected to the grid.

The landscape for solar financing in Flatbush has also evolved, so it’s easy to access funds to install solar. New York Power Solutions can install solar with financing, and you won’t even have to put any money down. We can base our financing on expected solar tax credits, giving you an initial interest-free period while you wait for your credits at the end of the following tax year. The first interest-free loan will be equal to your expected credits and paid in full when you receive them. There are state credits and incentives, as well as the recently introduced 30% federal tax credit for solar installation.

After the initial period, you’ll start paying off your solar system with a competitive interest rate, over a term of your choosing. If you have a good credit score, then you’ll have no trouble accessing solar financing in Flatbush NY.

Are You Ready for Your Free Home Solar Estimate in Flatbush?

The benefits of solar are clear. With your free home solar estimate in Flatbush, you can decide on what could be one of the most important financial choices you ever make.

  • Solar saves you money.
  • It can protect you from outages.
  • Panels last for 25 – 30 years.
  • Solar is an environmentally friendly choice.

Get your free home solar estimate in Flatbush, as well as a detailed cost/benefit analysis. We’ll give you all the data so you can decide if solar is worth it. With more than 5,000 installations so far, New York Power Solutions is the best choice for home solar in Brooklyn.