Five Easy Steps in the Wawayanda Solar Process

Five Easy Steps in the Wawayanda Solar Process

If you’re looking for solar in Orange County NY, you’ll find a simple and convenient process with New York Power Solutions. We’re veterans of the solar industry with more than 5,000 systems installed so far. Our Wawayanda solar process makes it easy to get connected.

Learn about our five steps to solar and get started with your free online estimate today.

No Stress with Our Wawayanda Solar Process and SMART Solar Program

Every customer of New York Power Solutions can join our SMART Solar Program for free. The program was developed to ensure simplicity at every step of the solar journey. Within it, is our five-step Wawayanda solar process.

How simple is it to get a Wawayanda NY solar installation, just take a look at the steps and you’ll see…

  1. Your Free Estimate – The journey begins with a free estimate for Wawayanda NY solar installation. The estimate is based on satellite data. We’ll then give you a detailed solar consultation and design brief.
  2. Cost/Benefit Analysis – In the next step we’ll come to your home for an on-site survey. We’ll also provide a detailed cost/benefit analysis. This is one of the most important parts of the process, as the analysis will let you know if your investment in solar is worth the potential returns.
  3. Permit Application – You don’t have to take care of mountains of paperwork when you choose an experienced Wawayanda solar company. Our team will take care of all permits so that you only have to complete your solar forms once. This cuts a significant amount of stress and confusion from the process.
  4. Installation Day – When all the planning and permitting are finalized, we’ll schedule your Wawayanda NY solar installation for a day that suits you. The work can be completed in less than a day with our experienced solar technicians.
  5. Welcome to Solar – We’ll conduct a welcome meeting at your home to teach you about your solar system and all of the extras like consumption and monitoring apps. Our team will answer questions and make sure that you’re ready to get the most from your investment.

We do things better than any other company offering solar installation in New York. The Wawayanda solar process means that one of the most important investments of your life will also be one of the easiest.

If you’re interested in a New York Solar Installation, please call us. We’ll explain the process and get you energy independent as soon as possible!

Help with Home Solar Financing

Solar can provide incredible returns through savings and reduced utility bills. Systems can pay for themselves in savings, usually in the first ten years. Even so, the initial investment is still significant.

Luckily, you don’t need to pay for it all upfront. We offer no money down solar through home solar financing.

Our home solar financing works a little differently than you might expect, to ensure that you get maximum savings.

  • There’s an initial interest-free period. Our no money down home solar financing is based on your expected solar tax credits. When you receive the credits, the initial loan will be paid off.
  • The rest of your installation bill will then go to a standard loan with a competitive interest rate. You can customize the term so that repayments are suited to your finances. In most cases, your monthly expenses won’t change, or can even go down a little while you pay off your system.

Once your system is fully paid for, all of the monthly savings are yours to enjoy. Considering that utility costs trend upwards over time, the savings you get with solar are likely to also increase. And, with panels lasting an average of 25 to 30 years, there’s plenty of time to recoup your costs and generate a return on top.

Of course, with our cost/benefit analysis, you’ll never have to guess about any of this. We are fully transparent with all of the information that we provide so that you can make the best choice for your home. No money down solar is another way that we make it easier to switch to renewable energy.

We provide the information. You make the choice.

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Your free solar estimate is ready. Get started with New York Power Solutions, enjoy our simple Wawayanda solar process, and make one of the most valuable investments that you can in your home.