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More Focus on Solar Panel Recycling

Solar panels are one of the most environmentally friendly forms of energy production available today. Each panel produces more than 100x the energy in its lifetime than is used in the manufacturing of the panel. The only problem, until now, has been recycling the materials at the end of the service life, to reduce e-waste. That problem is being solved with new recycling methods being developed so most of the materials can re-enter the production chain. Solar panel recycling will become big business in the coming years, especially as more homes and utility companies convert to solar.

One large company has recently committed to 100% recycling of its solar panels, which will hopefully set a trend in the industry.

Danish Company Will Recycle All of Its Solar Panels

Danish renewable energy company Orsted committed this week to recycling 100% of its solar panels in the US. The company will partner with SolarCycle, a Texas-based firm, to ensure that its panels don’t become e-waste. Orsted has already recycled 4,000 of its panels in America.

This is big news, and it should set a trend in the industry as more large solar firms seek to further improve their environmental images. Orsted is investing $68 billion into solar in America, so its recycling program should have a significant impact.

If you’re considering solar but have been concerned about the waste left behind by old panels, you can now feel better about your decision to make the switch. There is a growing number of initiatives in America that will recycle residential rooftop solar panels. So, in 25 to 30 years when you replace your panels, solar panel recycling will be a large industry available to take care of the e-waste problem.

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New York Solar Installation is Good for the Environment

Considering this news, your New York solar installation will be even more eco-friendly. Let’s consider the facts…

  • Solar panels produce vastly more electricity than is needed to make them.
  • When you install solar power in New York you’ll use less energy from the grid.
  • The carbon footprint of your home will shrink.
  • You could use solar and solar batteries to charge an electric vehicle, further reducing your environmental impact.

While environmental concerns are often secondary to the savings produced by solar, they’re still important. If you want to feel good about your decision to switch to solar energy, then you can have confidence knowing that from manufacturing to end-of-life, your solar panels will have a net positive impact.

Solar Power in New York is More Affordable Today

There’s also the fact that solar power in New York is more affordable now than at any point in history. You can make an eco-friendly choice while also saving significant amounts of money.

  • Solar panels reduce your monthly utility bill.
  • You can generate credits on your bill with the energy you export to the grid.
  • There are significant solar tax credits and incentives to reduce the cost of your bill.
  • Solar panels are more than 90% less expensive than they were two decades ago.

If cost was the thing holding you back from solar then now is the time to consider the switch. Solar panels are more efficient today, so they produce more energy which means bigger savings. You don’t have to guess about what solar can do for you. New York Power Solutions will provide a full cost/benefit analysis after your consultation and on-site inspection.

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